Proposed Formula for SSC & HSSC Marking & Promotions 2020

Proposed Formula for SSC & HSSC Marking & Promotions 2020

The federal and provincial ministries of education are proposing a newly introduced average marking framework for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) students and a High Secondary School Certificate (HSSC).

During a meeting between ministries of education and all board secretaries, headed by federal minister Shafqat Mehmood, the proposal was tabled.

The formula suggests student promotion requirements based on preceding data. This is being debated and is expected to be introduced after Friday’s final approval.

Here’s what the proposed average marking formula says:

SSC-II (Class 10)

The average marks for the 10th class will be determined for the students of SSC part-2 by adding marks obtained in the 9th class to (marks obtained in the 9th / total marks * 10).

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HSSC-II (2nd Year)

To calculate 12th-class average marks, marks scored in 11th-class will be added (marks obtained in 11th-class / total marks * 10).

SSC-I (Class 9)

The proposal also suggests skipping this year’s 9th class and conducting 10th class examinations in 2021, while calculating the average marks for SSC-I under the formula given: add marks obtained in matric to (marks obtained in 10th / total marks * 10).

HSSC-I (1st Year)

The idea floats that this year’s 1st-year examination will not be taken, and next year’s second-year examination should be taken. In order to measure the 11th mark, the 11th mark obtained is added to (marks obtained in the 11th / total mark * 10).

Another proposal that suggests skipping exams in 2020 and conducting composite exams the next year came up for discussion.

Cases for Improvement

Student’s enhancement is granted a small edge in the average marking. This formula will determine their mean marks:

To be added to the marks obtained (points obtained in the 9th or 11th cumulative points X 20).

For Failed Papers

Average marks to be obtained by increasing subject paper (points obtained in the 9th or 11th points of the total X 15).

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