Arshad Malik Has Been Appointed as the New CEO of PIA

Arshad Malik Has Been Appointed as the New CEO of PIA

Air Marshal Arshad Malik, who is scheduled to retire from the Pakistan Air Force on July 12, 2020, is also expected to take over as CEO for three more years at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). His appointment as CEO is said to be on a contract basis for three years.

In April 2019 Malik was given the position of CEO of PIA. News broke yesterday that the federal cabinet has named Malik as the national flag career chief executive for the next 3 years.

The cabinet was briefed in depth in the same session on developments relating to the question of “pilots with fake licenses.” The cabinet was informed that urgent action against the pilots carrying fake degrees has already been taken. Having heard the developments, the cabinet ordered that an immediate ground be brought to its conclusion for the investigation of the fake license issue.

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It bears noting that the organization had fired 49 employees from PIA. Of those 49, 25 were dismissed on charges of (allegedly) possessing false or fabricated degrees, 21 on prolonged absence, one on violation of organizational laws, two on the nonconsensual disclosure of official social and mass media information.

The hot waters for PIA tend to grow because of a variety of unfortunate incidents that have happened recently. From the Karachi crash to yesterday’s missing flight attendant in Canada, and a whole host of technological problems and administrative failures in between, PIA has seen a lot of late negative ads.

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