Karachi Heatwave Alert!

Due to the possibility of cyclone in the Arabian Sea, Karachi will observe Heatwave from September 19 to 23. The temperature will hike up to 38-degree celsius with a real feel of 44-degree celsius.

A heatwave occurs when a system of high atmospheric pressure moves into an area and lasts for two or more days. Under such a high-pressure system, air from upper levels of the atmosphere is pulled toward the ground, where it becomes compressed and increases the temperature.

This high concentration of pressure makes it difficult for other weather systems to move into the affected area, that’s why a heatwave can last for several days or weeks. The longer the system stays in an area, the hotter the area becomes. The high-pressure inhibits winds, making them faint-to-nonexistent. Because the high-pressure system also blocks clouds from entering the region which results in the form of situation, exacerbated by punishing sunlight, heating up the system even more which inturns bake the whole region. The combination of all of these factors come together to create the exceptionally hot temperatures resulting in a heatwave.

People are requested to take extra care as the chances of heatstroke are very high. Drink extra water to avoid dehydration and avoid unnecessary travel during day time.

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