Sadaf And Fawad Khan Just Did His Sister’s Rukhsati And It Was The Most Beautiful Shaadi Ever

Fawad Khan’s sister Sana Khan had a fabulous, stupendous wedding throughout the end of the week, looking completely stunning as she was turning a page in the new part of her life. Sana staggered in a gold decorated outfit and all through everything we just couldn’t help spout over how adoring and minding bhaabi Sadaf and sibling Fawad was. It was a significant enthusiastic wedding.

Fawad looked smart in a dark suit *internally screaming* as he played the elder sibling superbly as he welcomed visitors at the walima.

The day preceding the walima, Sadaf and Fawad were caught in the cutest minute EVER at Sana’s rukhsati.

Fawad looked staggering, as did Sadaf who gleamed in an intensely decorated lehenga choli.

Fawad assumed the job of cutest sibling EVER as he held the Holy Quran over Sana as she advanced toward the vehicle amid the rukhsati.

The charming couple postured for their walima, and we genuine presently realize that great looks keep running in the Khan family – Sadaf holding her bhaabi’s dress to push her to the vehicle is actually such a dazzling motion.

Baba Fawad and his princess Elayna modeled for pictures on the exceptional event.

Furthermore, here’s the ideal family representation that we need to be surrounded within our own home.

It was a significant and passionate minute for the whole family and we wish Sana and Shahbaz all the absolute best.



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