Facebook Launches TikTok’s Competitor Called “Reels”

Facebook Launches TikTok's Competitor Called Reels

Facebook Launches TikTok’s Competitor Called “Reels” Which Will Be Integrated With Instagram

As President Donald Trump attempts to compel ByteDance to sell the US operations of its most popular TikTok application to Microsoft, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has launched its own video-sharing site ‘Reels’ with the intention of taking on TikTok.

Instagram’s Official Statement About Reels

The application was initially launched about two months ago in Brazil but has been incorporated into today’s official Instagram update. All Instagram users will be able to record short 15-second videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools, the company says. This functionality is made available to 50 nations. Others will get the update much later than others.

How to use Reels

Reels can be accessed with the Instagram app, which is very close to normal video recording. In the top left corner, you’ll see a click with a redesign of the whole system. Now the camera section has plenty of video editing options including Audio, AR Effects, Timer, and Countdowns.

Users will share the video the same way they share daily videos. Additionally, a tab is added to the Instagram profiles, where followers can see your Reel videos. Privacy choices are similar. If your account is private, access to your Reel videos will be open only to your followers.

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Besides this, Reels provides an option to save videos as pre-published drafts just as TikTok does. Most of the Reels features seem to have been “borrowed” from TikTok. Also, the website lets you change the cover image and all other features that come to play while posting a video like the Chinese app.

Check out Instagram’s official announcement for more info about how to use the site.

Currently, the feature has been released in the United States, UK, India, Japan, Australia, France, and Germany. It will be released shortly even in other nations.

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