TOP 8 Tips to Find A Good Place to Eat When Travelling: NOT WITH GADGETS ONLY!


So, you are traveling and you are hungry. The most of the people love discovering new eating places, learning local cuisine, enjoying new tastes of the country they are traveling through. It is especially good idea when you are traveling by car. Enterprise car rental phone number USA is available on the web. Also, you can use a mobile app to book a car beforehand and get the best price. If you are ready to spend some more money, you can book a car with GPS system so that you can easily find out new restaurants around. Where are you going to eat? Is it possible to find a good restaurant in a new place? Here is a strategy to help you!

What to Do?

Wherever you go, you can always find a good eating place on your location. It is especially important if you prefer healthy food to all fast food dishes.

Lyon Restaurants


  1. Ask Locals

The best way to find a good place to eat near you is asking locals. You can ask people on the street or in the hostel, city supermarket, everywhere. Ask them about where they used to eat. You can be surprised by their answers. Look at that old bistro! You couldn’t even imagine that was the most popular eating place in the whole district.

  1. Prepare Beforehand

If you have some free time before a trip, make a search and find out one or more places which are worth to visit. Just ask Google what the best restaurant is and what prices you can expect. The more information you get, the more worthy eateries you will visit during the trip.

  1. Avoid Touristic Places

Of course, you can find a lot of interesting restaurants that attract tourists with the bright interior, loud music, exotic cuisine. What about the prices? Be aware of traps! The prices are really high there! Just try to find a restaurant somewhere aside from the center. Usually places in neighborhoods are a better bet than the main tourist drags. Touristic places are usually full of people and bad food!

  1. Look at Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular platform to find something you know nothing about, except for location. You may use this platform to find the best eating place around you. You can see the restaurant interior, learn prices, cuisine. Also, you can read feedbacks here. If you are not sure about one or another place, try to compare different restaurants and their prices. If you don’t trust to Pinterest you can use any other trustful platform for your search.



  1. Eat Local Food

Traveling is a great chance to try local cuisine and enjoy dishes you’ve never tried before. By the way, local cuisine doesn’t mean expensive delicacies and exotic food. Sometimes, a trivial local food is tastier than exotic dishes. Thus, going to Philadelphia you should buy a cheese steak. New Oreland can boast the sandwiches.

  1. Stand in Lines

Of course, you don’t want to wait in a long line for your dinner. Sometimes, you should look for a crowd of people at the restaurant entrance. That means people really like visiting that place and ready to taste their food with long waiting. Just relax and wait for your turn. Until then, you have a chance to ask locals why they are waiting here.

  1. Cuisine Excursion

If you are traveling in a group, you can think of joining in a special restaurant tour. This is your chance to visit as many local restaurants as you can. It is not a problem to prepay for the excursion and get the cheapest price. Also, you can meet a new city and try different interesting food offers.


  1. Go Walking

Don’t worry if you have no time for a cuisine tour. Just go walking around the city. Relax and enjoy your walk. Look attentively! If there is a charming place you want to come in, feel free to visit. Sometimes, you shouldn’t even come in to learn the restaurant prices first. As a rule, the prices are represented at the entrance or at the show-window.

  1. Download Apps

There are many useful apps you should download on your phone before traveling. The most popular are Travelzoo app, Yelp, PripAdvisor, Foursquare. They are good to find a perfect place for dinner. You have a chance to put as many questions as you can. When’s the best time to find a free table? What’s the one appetizer everyone raves about? Does the restaurant take reservations? Which dish is worth trying? The most important thing is reading feedbacks.

Of course, it is better to use special apps to book a good restaurant for dinner even in the country you know nothing about. Try to use as many helpful tips as you can. Also, modern apps are worth using. One way or another, be attentive, talk to people and remember – NOT ONLY GADGETS CAN HELP!

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