Clothing Brands To Wear This Year

When it comes to women’s fashion brands, there are many to choose from. Some brands come and go and others stay around for a long time. If you are looking for pieces that are going to last a while and be a staple piece for your wardrobe then these are the brands that you want to be wearing this year. Here are some of the best brands that you should be looking at wearing in 2022. 


A fashion brand that has not only risen to the top for womenswear but also menswear. It is one of the most popular brands in the UK right now as its clothes are easy on the eye and of good quality. Yes, it may be a brand that you will have to spend a little more on than usual but it is worth every penny. 


AllSaints have many collections for women but they are mainly known for their stunning leather jackets. It is a brand that you look at to be a bit edgier, in other words, stands out from the rest without going over the top. It is a brand that doesn’t fit everybody’s taste but, if this is a style that you would like in your wardrobe then all saints would be the perfect brand for you. 


Another fashion label that you would have heard of. They are well known for their long-lasting fabrics and are highly respected by the royal family in the United Kingdom. Barbour stays away from fast fashion trends that come and go and sticks to the classical designs of clothing. Furthermore, their designs are evergreen, meaning they will always be on-trend.


Barbour was founded back in 1894 and they are known for their gorgeous waxed jackets. Fun fact that you may not know, these jackets are still handmade in the North of England. What’s better than buying from a brand that is still manufactured in the UK? If you are looking to wear a classical coat, a Barbour jacket should be the one for you. Just be prepared to be spending a lot of money on these jackets. Nonetheless, they are worth every penny for their durability. 


A brand that you may not have heard of but is one that you should look at buying from. Baukjen designs clothes that are forever going to be in fashion. Furthermore, they are a sustainable brand which is another good selling point for why you should buy from them.


Baukjen has a wide collection of clothing that is suitable for many occasions. They have some of the best office wear attire that women could own. Additionally, they have flawless loungewear collections for those rainy days. If you want to step out of that loungewear and go for something dressier then they have a gorgeous collection of night out dresses that are perfect for those summer evenings when you are on holiday. 


Ghost is the last women’s fashion brand on the list but it is certainly not the worst. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing this stunning brand, causing a lot of hype around the brand. They are a brand that is mainly known for their frocks so if this is something that you wear occasionally, Ghost is a brand that you should start to consider. Their style suits those that are into their vintage designs that combine a unique and easy on the eye colour palette with timeless prints. 


There are thousands of women’s fashion brands out there to choose from, so here are some of the top fashion tips to help you! Some are more affordable than others and this list is on the more expensive side. However, with expense comes quality so you can be sure that these clothes are made from high-quality fabrics that will last you a lifetime.