Finding The Right IT Company

As a business, small or large, or an individual, computers are likely an important asset. From getting work done and generating an income to making and receiving payments – when your computers go down, life comes, perhaps not to a standstill, but it definitely feels like a bump in the road. To get you back on track as soon as possible, having the right IT company is key. Here’s how to decide who you’re gonna call when you need help (it’s not the Ghostbusters).

What services do they provide?

Before you settle on a tech company, find out what services they provide. In all likelihood, they will offer remote support, but make sure they are also happy to do actual callouts when you need them. The way problems are reported is also fairly important – your support company should have a helpdesk system that makes it easy to submit problems as they arise, and ensures they will be attended to.

Try to find a company that can cover all your needs. If they can take care of your computers, printers, internet and firewalling, you’ll only need the one company, even if they are slightly more expensive.

Response Time

One has to account for the fact that your IT company likely has other clients, likewise, they should also have enough resources to facilitate their client base. If your business, or even part of it, has to come to a standstill for days at a time while you wait for issues to be resolved, you may need to consider changing companies.


The fee structure of various IT companies will vary. Some may charge a flat fee based on the size of your company or the number of computers, others will charge hourly, or by services rendered. Rates will probably be higher for actual call outs than for remote fixes, so try to get things fixed remotely wherever possible.


For remote problem solving, location isn’t a major worry, but there are going to be times when you need a tech on-site to sort out computer problems. For these times, you really want a consultant company in the area, so search for a nearby company. Google “IT companies in Ottawa”, or whatever area you’re in, and compare them for the one that best suits your needs.


When you hire an IT company, make sure their techs know what they’re doing. You need the assurance that if and when problems arise, your IT guy can be in and out as quickly as possible while still having fixed the root issue, if you keep having to report the same problem or simple issues take too long to fix, you’re with the wrong people.


Your techs and your employees don’t have to be best buds – IT guys aren’t always the most personable people – but they should be able to work together comfortably. Remember, they will be in and out of your offices fairly regularly.

Lastly, give your employees some basic training so they aren’t calling in a tech every time they forget to plug something in.

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