Best iOS VPNs Of 2020 – Fastest VPN, The VPN With A Hack

Best iOS VPNs Of 2020 - Fastest VPN, The VPN With A Hack

If you are a user of any Apple device I am sure you want to guarantee the security of your device to the maximum. And that includes your internet connection.

In this article, I’m going to show you which are the Xbox 360 VPN on the market, to protect your Apple device connection once and for all!

What is VPN iOS?

It is basically a virtual private network compatible with the mac operating system.

A VPN is a tool that improves your internet connection in various ways, completely changing your concept of privacy and security.

These are the benefits of using a VPN for iOS:

Anonymity on the net

A VPN hides your browsing data in such a way that you do not leave a trace of your passage through the network, making it impossible to identify your IP and therefore track you.

Reinforced protection

An antivirus is sometimes not enough or not enough to protect you from DNS leaks or DDoS attacks.

A VPN offers your connection reinforced protection with the best encryption protocols, resisting any virtual attack attempt.

With this protection, you can even use the vans on your iPhone to connect to a public wife without any risk, safely.

Unblock restricted content

Every country has its own laws about internet censorship. And something similar happens with the broadcasting rights of series and movies.

Each country has the rights distributed in different ways, and the dissemination of its content is restricted to the geographical area. This implies that, for example, you cannot access Netflix USA from abroad.

With a VPN, you can mask your IP address with an IP from the country you want to connect to. In this way, you can access content that you would previously find blocked. By changing iOS is, you will also make it harder for them to locate you.

Take full advantage of your bandwidth

In your day to day you do not take advantage of the bandwidth that you have fully contracted. This is often due to limitations set by your internet provider.

With a VPN on iOS, your internet will not be able to put limits on your connection speed, so you can enjoy fast and stable internet use.

P2P and Torrenting

These types of downloads tend not to be liked very much by Internet providers, and that is why torrent download portals are censored in many countries.

Luckily, by using a VPN, you can access censored websites and download torrents without fear of being tracked.

Is there a free iOS VPN?

On the internet you will see many advertisements offering a free iOS VPN. Let me tell you, as a tip, using a free iOS VPN is pretty risky.

A trusted VPN does not usually have data logging policies, they usually point out that they have zero user logs, so any activity you carry out while using the VPN will not be recorded anywhere, to guarantee your anonymity.

The free iOS VPNs usually have these registration policies, and although they hide your activity while you do it, they record data of everything you do, to later sell it to the highest bidder.

The reality behind free iOS VPNs

It may seem unfair, but the reality is that a VPN is a service that requires constant maintenance and also to pay the costs of the servers, so it is normal for a VPN to charge for its service instead of offering it free.

So what if you’re not paying money to use a free iOS VPN? Well, obviously, that free iOS VPN should make a profit in another way.

And that way is, simply, by storing your browsing data to sell it to those who may be interested, whether they are advertising companies or hackers.

Obviously, that contradicts the most important function of an iOS VPN, which is to protect your activity on the network.

Fastest VPN, the VPN with a hack

If you really want to use a free VPN, I can tell you a trick with which to enjoy a VPN for iOS Premium like Fastest VPN totally free for 30 days.

Fastest VPN is, for me and many more people, the best VPN service provider out there today. It offers highly competitive prices, and a service that is above any other VPN services. In addition, it is available in the iOS App Store, so you can use it on all your Apple devices.

But the trick to this VPN is its free trial period, which you get thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

It is as simple as hiring your monthly plan, enjoying the VPN, and unsubscribing from the service before the warranty period ends.

Yes, you have to pay a month, but their money-back guarantee really works, with no questions or red tape. Trust me, I’ve tried it several times, with different emails, and I’ve never had a problem!

The best VPN apps for iOS

Now that you know how a VPN works, I have selected the 5 best VPNs on the market available for Mac, IPhone or IPad, with an iOS application. The best is Fastest VPN, but I like that readers like you choose for themselves which is the one that convinces them the most.

In this list, you will not find any free iOS VPNs, since as I have told you before, they are not to be trusted. But remember the Fastest VPN trick to enjoy a free iOS VPN.

How to set up a VPN on iOS

1. Choose Fastest VPN or the VPN you consider from the list above
2. Subscribe to one of their plans and download their client for iOS. You can find the one for Fastest VPN directly on the App Store.
3. Install the .dmg and log into the app.
4. Choose a server and connect.

Easy right? It takes you less than 5 minutes with Fastest VPN to set up and activate your VPN.

Now you know how to protect your online activity with the best iOS VPNs in 2020! As you have seen, it is incredibly easy, and also with Fastest VPN you can use it for free.

I hope my article has been helpful to you, tell me any questions you have, and see you in my next post!

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