How Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Build a Platform Through YouTube

How Businessmen and Entrepreneurs Build a Platform Through YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, as well as the second largest website. With over a billion registered subscribers, people watch close to a billion hours of video on a daily basis. Businesses must realize that their audiences also live on YouTube. This means that for whatever they are marketing, YouTube stands to be a platform that provides them with big-time visibility.

We are all aware that entrepreneurs use various different methods of advertising their businesses. Given the strength of social media’s reach, one great way could be through interviews with talk show hosts that are skilled, dedicated, and knowledgeable of their industry. For example, “Tech Talk with Anu” has featured tech and finance industry staples such as Ken Goldman, former CFO of Yahoo! and Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital. Entrepreneurs approach these interviews in the spirit of sharing their journey – the victories and the challenges. Anu Deshpande’s show Tech Talk with Anu is recognized as the first of its kind because she is the first woman in Silicon Valley to create a tech video series that is widely recognized within her industry.

We say businesses should definitely consider marketing opportunities that may be lurking out there on YouTube!

We cannot stress enough on the importance of interviews in building rapport. Casey Neistat, Trevor Noah, Tech Talk with Anu, and other brilliant video series where they engage audiences worldwide with victories, setbacks, and the journey of their guests.

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