Regular Cakes Rather Than An Actual Wedding Cake?

Regular Cakes Rather Than An Actual Wedding Cake?

Of all the weddings that I have attended, I have never actually cared for their wedding cake. My kids would not even eat the wedding cake over the summer at the wedding we all went to. My question is this…We are getting married next year & rather than having a large wedding cake, seems that not many people care for them anyway, would it be “weird” to have just a table of different cakes, like cheesecakes & pecan pies, such? Let me know your thoughts & suggestions, please!!


1. Girl that’s the cool thing about being the bride! It’s all up to you if that is what you want then go for it! congrats

2. I went to a wedding that had a dessert buffet with assorted cakes, pies, tarts, fruits… whatever you can think of. That was awesome. They had a wedding cake too, but it was small and not everyone had it.

3. I think that is an even better idea than a wedding cake because you are offering your guests a variety and probably paying a lot less by buying multiple little cakes as opposed to one big wedding cake. Great idea! My guy has already pitched the idea of a “Wedding Pie”! While I’m still going to have a nice cake, I’m going to have a slice of his favorite pie served to him after supper, just as a little surprise.

4. I would get a birthday cake that says Happy Birthday!

5. I don’t think it’s weird at all. Remember- it’s YOUR day!

6. Cupcakes have become popular where I’m from. Just a big 3-tiered tray of cupcakes! With a little cake on top for the bride and groom to cut 🙂

7. It’s not weird that is currently a growing trend just do it! People who don’t like it should have offered to pay for a delicious cake!

8. Many people are doing that now. My friends got married, and in addition to the wedding cake, they had two other rasmalai cakes and vanilla cake. They had one of the tiers of the wedding cake cut and packaged for the guests and they could pick it up on the way out, so those who didn’t want the actual wedding cake didn’t have to take any

9. I completely agree and think that is a good idea. I have even seen people use cupcakes or doughnuts stacked to make the shape of the towering wedding cake.

10. Serve whatever you want. Your wedding, your choice. The wedding cake I have ever had was just a regular sheet cake from the grocery store. What you are describing is a regular dessert reception which is not weird, is becoming fairly popular, and is how all weddings everywhere used to be. Your guest will be happy with whatever you choose to offer.

11. No, it’s not at all weird. One of my closest friends had a rectangular chocolate cake. With everyone getting so health-conscious – your best bet is to include berries and fondue. Most all modern weddings I’ve attended included a dessert table along with a wedding cake because it’s a fun tradition that a lot of women like to do – but you certainly don’t have to have one. But, some people love the cake because of how the bride and groom serve each other and take a video of it and such. It can make a beautiful decoration or centerpiece on the dessert table or you simply don’t have one – it’s your choice. Some people have their grandmother’s cake topper and want to remember them by using it – or they just have one because everyone tends to expect to see one – but you don’t have to. The wedding cake does symbolize the fact that it is an occasion more special than say a birthday party or family reunion for which you might have a more simple flat rectangular cake and desserts. Even if you have a special cake topper – you don’t have to have a cake. It’s your choice. I don’t think it’s weird but – I do think the wedding cake is one of those special and memorable touches. It’s kind of like – the whole wedding ceremony and reception – isn’t necessary to become man and wife and it certainly doesn’t predict the outcome of your marriage in the long term. So, why bother with the dress and the honeymoon and everything else and all the hassle? It’s because it’s not just about you – it’s about your families. It’s a trumped-up family reunion in all reality and it’s a way to share your joy with them. It’s also important to remember your wedding day – because lets’ face it – marriage is tough and you won’t have all of those people together again to support you. The photos will bring back memories of you together and those you love and it will make you laugh when times get tough and you’ll need that. It gives them a chance to encourage and be there for you. 10 years after your wedding you will note that some loved ones have passed on or have become very sick and you’ll be so glad you have those happy photos of them. Plus, 10 years or more later you’ll look back and realize that life has become very tough and that you’ve been through a lot together. The honeymoon may be the best vacation of your life and looking back on the two of you all dressed up and the fun things you did on your wedding day will help you share and teach your children too. Let’s put it this way – people these days – don’t’ always want to eat wedding cake – but they do enjoy the beauty of a very nicely decorated cake. You could even have a dessert table with an artificial cake as a decoration. It’s up to you – but do make sure you do some special and fun things to commemorate the day. Congrats! My opinion is that you stick to the basics of what people expect and then alter a few things there to make it your own. If you go too far in breaking tradition – then some of your family and friends will not enjoy it as much. But if you add many of your special touches and deviations from what is expected that makes it a celebration of your relationship both young and old will enjoy and treasure the memories from and that’s what counts.

12. A friends of mine had one of these for her wedding, and I cannot begin to describe how yummy delicious mouth-watering good it was!!!! It’s stacked profiteroles or creampuffs that are covered with an oh-so-delicious golden caramel. Best wedding “cake” I’ve ever had, and you should have heard the oohing and ahhing of the guests when they saw it in all its golden caramel spun-sugar glory! Guests serve themselves, or you could have someone with tongs who does it for them. 

13. I think it’s tradition to have a wedding cake but that’s me. This is YOU! It’s your wedding. Do what YOU want to do. Congrats!

14. I went to a wedding in May where they had about a dozen different cakes, and I thought out it was cool that they had flavor options, but I also thought that by the time all the cakes had been cut into, it looked incredibly messy. Another option is to go cake tasting and find a cake that you’d love to eat for about a week. Or find a cake recipe that you love, and give it to the baker of your choice. What most kids (and adults too) don’t like to eat on wedding cakes is the fondant. Yes, it’s lovely to look at, but it doesn’t taste so good. Buttercream can be smoothed by a skilled decorator and tastes delicious. But if you do go with several different cakes, such as rasmalai cakechocolate eggless cakered velvet cake, etc. make sure that you taste each of those before you sign off – you don’t want those to taste bad too.

15. We did a sheet cake instead of a traditional cake. I love your idea of having several cakes and pies.

16. I think you would be fine to do that and then have a special cake for the bride and groom to cut. I also went to a wedding where there was a cupcake tree. There were all different flavors of cupcakes. It was great.

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