How to cut a Pineapple easily at home

How to cut a Pineapple easily at home

After trying and testing various cutting methods, I came to the conclusion that slicing the top and bottom off and scraping the skin first was the best way to cut a pineapple. Some methods involve the removal of the skin at last but I find these approaches more wasteful and tedious.

When the skin is removed at the start, you can save more of the pineapple’s good fruit parts by making a thicker slice under the fat. It also increases the risk of driving the knife into your palm or ending up with an injury.

Below are some step-by-step pictures showing you the proper way to cut a pineapple/ Trying these strategies is up to you and choose the best for yourself.

It’s a fairly simple process, but you probably won’t do it the easiest way the first time you’ve ever cut a pineapple. Use these tips on how to quickly slice a pineapple.

Be as efficient as possible, ensuring you’ll quickly cut the pineapple, not waste any of the great parts you’d like to eat. So, if you have a pineapple from which you can easily pull a top leaf, a sharp knife, and a cutting board, you’re ready to learn how to slice a pineapple.

Steps to cut a Pineapple:

No special equipment will be required, just a pineapple, a large sharp knife, and a cutting board. The goal is to get all of the good edible stuff between the outside “skin” and the inner fibrous core.

Step One: Cut the top off

Step Two: Set the pineapple upside down in the fridge.

Step Three: Wait 20 minutes before getting the pineapple out of the fridge. This lets the sugars spread evenly through the pineapple

Step Four: Cut off the bottom of the pineapple, leaving you with a cylinder shape that can easily stand on end.

Step Five: De-skin the Pineapple by slicing thinly under the skin to the light yellow yummy part.

Step Six: De-skin the pineapple all the way around, until it is a soft, slimy, yellow cylinder.

Step Seven: Cut the pineapple into quarters, the long way. Then slice the inner fibrous part off.

Final Step: Cut the long quarters in half longways, and then cut short ways for delicious bite-size pieces.

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