3 Powerful Tips To Create Quality Content

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How many tips does one need to create high-quality content in the digital world?

5? 10? 25 or more?

Do you wish to craft quality content by working on three tips only?

Yes, right?

Readout this article to get to know these powerful tips.

Tip 1:  Be audience-centric

Tip 2: Be search engine friendly

Tip 3: Maintain a balance between Tip 1 and Tip 2

After reading this article, you will realize the effectiveness of these tips and will trust our words. So let’s begin reading!

Audience-centric writing is always followed by a Research process, and this process has to be carried out with a well-defined focus on creating value for your reader, this level of focus must be maintained throughout the procedure of content creation.

Once, you made an intention to have a mutual benefit; for the writer and the reader, now you can start in-depth research of what your audience is struggling with, it could be any query that someone from your family also has, you see, it will make you more passionate to answer that through research.

Conventional research involves observing people, interviewing them, writing questionnaires, conducting surveys.

Digital research involves the use of tools like Uber Suggest, BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Quora, etc, where you search for a keyword and get to know the related popular searches by the audience.

This is only the beginning where you search a concern of your reader, the next part requires you to dig deeper and deeper to find the answers and solutions from experts and authorized sources.

Remember the norm: “Provide Valuable content to the reader.

Finding something valuable has never been an easy job, so work hard to review different research articles, case studies, e-books, and find exclusive information that could benefit them.

By now you are done with most of the portion of tip # 1, now, you can stitch the pieces of information and begin writing officially!

What comes first? The Title

As stated above, you can’t ignore the focal point: the reader’s need, you have to demonstrate this as your priority by crafting a title out of the questions that you encountered during research. Your headline should touch the pain points of your audience.

The digital world will provide you with some free tools that will help you craft click-worthy titles. These include Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, Crazy Egg, and Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.

You can also use the strategy mentioned in Neil Patel’s  How To Create Headlines That Get Clicks

Let’s make one thing straight: While thinking of taking all sorts of help from Search Engine, Don’t compromise your own creativity!

Now the writer’s comfort

If you are writing 2000+ word content, creating a flexible outline will make your work trouble-free; you will be able to write in a flow without being out of ideas after every paragraph. Come up with your unique organization and catchy phrases, in case if you don’t have enough time then surely go for the tools like Workflowy

The post begins finally

By this time you have the framework of your blog post, just follow it by writing a compelling introduction that gives the reader a reason to stay on the blog. The SEO genius Brain Dean has given “Agree, Promise, and Preview method”.

It requires a writer to make his reader agree with his idea in the very beginning followed by a promise that assures the reader that the content has something useful and finally gives a preview that shows how the promise can be fulfilled. This approach can be followed in true essence through your intellect. Better use it and don’t rush to online tools.

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While writing the following outlines, make it readable for your audience by writing short sentences and paragraphs, use bridge phrases like

  • “But wait”
  • “ Let me tell you something”
  • “By now, you should”
  • “ In case you might be asking yourself”

These phrases will get your reader connected emotionally with every proceeding sentence.  Use the Readability Test Tool to be 100% sure of it.

How about seeking an influencer’s support?

You must feature influencers that have a huge impact on their audience decision; this will strengthen your audience’s trust in you. Moreover, the same influencer will support your content by promoting it to a pool of audience.

You need to consider their Domain authority, Page authority, reply ratio, their followers on social sites before featuring them. Tools like BuzzSumo will help you. You can also check Neil Patel’s post: How to Connect with Rock Stars.

Don’t forget to beautify your content!

Don’t make your audience bored from Verbosity in your writing. Visualize your content and help the readers’ mind process the information faster, Add:

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Screenshots

This will increase the dwell time of your audience and will also impress Google ultimately.

While creating visual content, don’t forget to create compelling Call Out boxes that catch your audience’s attention and make them do what you ask for, since you provided those with their benefit so don’t feel shy to ask in your turn!

Use a Word Press plugin called  Shortcodes Ultimate to create callout boxes as “Buy now”, “Subscribe now”.

A CTA of “Comment below” is the best choice for both the audience and your search engine. By turning on comments, you can not only interact with your audience but also make the search engine algorithms active and increase your ranking.

Quality Check

When you are done creating audience-centric content, you now head towards checking your, grammar, spell check else your quality will be ruined. If you are not sure about the quality yet, Use tools like Hemingway Editor; these will highlight the problematic areas that you overlooked.

The Table of Content

Make sure you add a Table of content so that your readers can jump to their desired piece of information.

It’s Google’s turn

To be Google’s favorite, you have to do on-page Search engine optimization that depends on three factors mainly:

  • Valuable Content
  • Repetition of keyword
  • Page User experience

Make sure the keyword is used naturally in the content and is also incorporated in:

  • Title tag
  • Meta tag
  • Content of page
  • URL
  • Image alt text

Next is Link building that is impressive for both: your audience and the search engine but the search engine is more interested in useful external and internal link building than your audience and gives your content and increase in search rankings. Make sure you link with reputable sources.

A similar approach to this is to do Guest blogging or regenerating your blog to share it on different platforms like dost, scribd.com

The pivot between both the tips:

One of the ranking factors in Google is the length of the post but that’s not mobile-friendly. Most of the readers use their gadgets so they don’t have enough display space. Moreover, they will have to scroll through a lengthy post to find minimal information. Hence, take care of both your companions.

Your search engine ranking is raised by adding links; make sure you don’t overload your audience by stuffing plenty of links, visuals, etc.

Stuffing a keyword for the sake of impressing audience is a bad SEO practice; you can incorporate the keyword up to 3% of your word count.


These three tips are workable for all interested bloggers regardless of their profession and experience.

If you are a beginner and are still confused, don’t hesitate to share your query in the “comment section”. If you want some professional help, visit our website https://kreationhouse.com and get linked with our team to help you craft your content.