Journalism In The Era Of Social Media

Journalism in the Era of Social Media

Gone are the days when journalism was a thing of professional. Today, in the age of social media, every other person has turned into journalist. The power of pen that the journalist once had, has been changed in to power of tweet that general population now have.

In the world where world is dependent on social media heavily to hear latest news, journalism is facing extreme threats because of it too. The days where reading a news habit was a habit cultivated to enhance the knowledge of world had changed to the days where subscriptions to e-newsletter is preferred. This abrupt shift in the preferences of the people across the planet has caused media to adopt viable changes in the procedures of journalism to combat the competition.

The Bug of Fake News Remains Unresolved

Undoubtedly, social media is the best place to brag about yourself and show off your cool vacation pictures. Yet, with the increased number of ‘non-professional’ journalists on social media, the bug of fake news is evolving on a daily basis. This bug clearly has rotten the roots of the original motive of journalism ‘Keeping people aware of the truth’. Even though the notion of ‘freedom of expression’ has been certainly practiced openly on social media platforms. However, the freedom of speech has been rather changed into openly writing the ‘hate speech’.

Curb Misinformation and Promote Authentic Journalism

While every news outlet has a presence on social media, it does not make it a very resourceful platform to consume your daily news. It is because social media networks are not regulated. Misinformation can be easily spread from one region to another. Most people do not have the habit of verifying news before spreading it in their social groups. This is the problem which has led to the emergence of algorithms which are fighting the epidemic of fake news.

In this regard, efforts are being engaged to promote journalism that invalidates bias. The presence of The Levant News Media, a news agency that covers major stories in the Middle East. The Levant promotes authentic journalism values. It is an open-minded platform which commits to the belief of providing reliable news to the people. The Levant exists in an era where major news outlet including FOX news are inclined towards the Right and Conservative segment of global population.

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