Digital Marketing Strategies to stay away from in 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies to stay away from in 2019

Strategic marketing is the art of aligning all the business goals with the best possible marketing strategies. To draw out a perfect strategy that fits the marketing needs, a marketer has to be clear about the vision and goals of the business.

Digital marketing is all about building a better brand image in the minds of the customer through the right digital channels. Combining the digital world with the term strategy gives it a broader perspective by analyzing all the best strategic methods that cater to the target audience and then effectively implementing them on multiple digital platforms.

Similarly, a failed marketing strategy either enrages the audience to take action or develops a negative image on the minds of the potential customers about a certain brand or product.

In 2019, it is better not to repeat the same mistakes committed in the past and avoid such digital marketing practices or strategies that create a negative impact on the target audiences.

Poor and un-optimized Content

Never put all the eggs in one basket. Good content is a sign of smooth marketing strategy and its perfect delivery. It should be precise and straight to the point. Avoid generating misleading content that confuses the target audience and sways them away from its actual purpose. Optimize content by applying effective SEO principles that will help in boosting the website.

Spam E-mails

Stop adding subscribers without their permission in the list or include an unsubscribe button so they could express their disinterest with the e-mails. Spreading spam e-mails to promote brands is the worst idea as it won’t reach to the target audience and lose the credibility of the existing customers as well.

Unwanted Messaging

A lot of customers complain about the promotional messages that they didn’t sign up for. At the end of the day, these messages are thrown away in the spam folder resulting as a bad influence in their minds.

Unsolicited Calls

It’s still astonishing to see that still a lot of mobiles and network companies follow such pathetic strategies that could actually harm their brand reputation. These calls are nothing but a nuisance in the way of the customers. Avoid them at all cost.

Poor branding

The recent study shows that many brands suffer in the initial phase of their business because they fail to portray their brand image to their target audience. Promoting a brand is a serious business for many successful organizations as they know the true value of such marketing practices and even pay millions to the advertising agencies to launch their brands positively.

Irrelevant Content

Refrain from putting foggy images and blurry texts with irrelevant color schemes. The brand should post relevant content that perfectly aligns with the brand image.

Fake Discount Deals

To get a bigger picture, customers feel highly connected with fashion brands and fake promotional deals like discounts could create a negative impact on their minds. The deal should be a fair one and correct demonstration of what the brands are offering rather than a fake or cheap scheme to attract more customers.

Incomplete package

The concept of online retail stores is increasing day by day. Famous brands offer their customers feasibility and convenience to shop all their favorites online. This is effective if only brands provide a complete package to its customers i.e. the use of mobile applications, websites and social media pages owned by them.

Derogatory Advertising

Avoid using political, racial or discriminatory content as they provoke anger and only incite further disputes.

Final Thoughts

Practically, these marketing strategies might appear basic but their excessive use in the context is undeniable. Let us know which marketing strategy you think marketers should steer clear from.

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