5 Sports Gadgets To Make The Most Of Your Quarantine Exercise Hour

5 Sports Gadgets To Make The Most Of Your Quarantine Exercise Hour

During these times of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to keep your sanity. Being stuck indoors and having limitations in the home to overcome your boredom can put a strain on your mental health. Thankfully, we’re still able to make the most of a maximum 1 hour of exercise outside. Since it’s such a short time, we might as well make the most of it.

If you’re still looking to achieve your fitness goals in these testing times, there are forms of wearable technology available to keep on track. Before you go out for a run, consider these fitness gadgets that can help you make some fitness achievements.

Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoes

There’s nothing better than having the correct running shoes that can make your exercise comfortable. With the Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoes are the go-to trainers for running. This form of wearable fitness technology collects all kinds of information whilst you’re out on the road racking up your steps. They use pressure sensors in the shoes to help collect the data. On top of that, the cushion design makes them extremely comfortable and prevents injury.

Polar A370 Activity Tracker

Accurate information is what you aspire to have with your wearable device. The Polar A370 Activity Tracker helps to achieve just that, with a difference. Rather than being a phone or watch, it’s a forearm sensor that tracks heart rate and even the number of calories that you burn. 

It provides adjustable straps and is water-resistant for them times when you didn’t plan for the right weather. Being able to track your heart health accurately ensures you’re achieving your fitness goals successfully. It’s also compatible with iOS, GPS watches, Android and bike computer systems.


Whilst the backpack has been a great innovation for lightweight carrying on-the-go, in recent years runners have preferred something that needs to be even more lightweight. The FlipBelt provides the ultimate running pack that helps you carry your stuff without loading up unnecessary weight.

It provides perfect size pockets to carry your essentials whilst you’re out on your run. Zips are practically non-existent which prevents chafing and avoids bulk on your waist. There is also a water bottle that’s been designed to fit the belt perfectly.

Knuckle Lights

If you’re a runner that prefers the night time for your exercise or it’s the case you’re working from home during quarantine, you need to make sure you’re safe. Running in pitch black conditions isn’t ideal for the regular runner. So, to make yourself visible to other pedestrians and cars, Knuckle Lights it’s the solution you need. 

Rather than holding a light in your hands and disrupting your running rhythm, these lights fit perfectly on your hands so you can concentrate more on your running.


Still worried about your safety on the road when you’re exercising? No problem. If you can’t make yourself apparent visibly, then do it through noise instead with the Runbell. It’s mechanism is similar to the Knuckle Light, where it fits perfectly in your hand through your fingers. Whenever you fear someone can’t hear you, the Runbell helps to cancel out music and noisy crowds so people can be well aware you’re coming. 

Think of these gadgets as a necessity for your running, the same way you’d think of fitness clothing as a must-have in order to run. It can’t be healthy to stay indoors for too long when you still have the opportunity to.

Equip yourself with all the tools you need to help achieve your fitness goals and don’t allow the quarantine life to interrupt your fitness goals.

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