6 Examples of IoT Devices in The World

6 Examples of IoT Devices in the World

Smart home infrastructure is increasingly being integrated into our daily lives thanks to advances in smart and connected technologies. Millions of our homes, much of our public infrastructure and many of the places we work in are becoming increasingly intelligent and automated, which has led to the emergence of what is known as smart homes and cities.

Smart homes are defined by the use of Internet-connected technologies, such as smartphones, remote sensors and other IoT devices, which allow remote management and supervision of many appliances and utilities.

  1. Door Locks

Unfortunately, crimes such as theft and theft can happen to anyone, so one of the most popular smart home technologies is the connected door locks. One of the most important selling points of smart door locks is that you can lock/unlock sitting anywhere using your smartphone app. Tired of looking for the keys in the rain? You could open your home before leaving the car using smart locks. Smart locks connected to the Internet provide a higher level of access control to users.

  1. Intelligent Heating

Intelligent heating systems are a great way to ensure that your home’s heating bills don’t skyrocket. By monitoring their use and notifying users when they could be using less heating, many intelligent heating systems can save in certain areas. It is also nice to be able to return home to a warm apartment after a day of work with a few strokes of a smartphone application.

  1. Smart Gardening

Although many of the Internet of Things devices are inside the home, the garden has not been forgotten in this era of growing connectivity. Smart gardening has become a thriving area of ​​the smart home with automated and remote-controlled sprinkler systems, robotic lawnmowers and several other garden-centered IoT applications.

  1. Video bells

Another of IoT’s most popular smart home devices is video intercoms, which allow users to receive video calls from their doormen when someone is at their door. These devices can also allow users to unlock and allow access to their homes remotely from smartphone applications.

One of the security advantages added to video intercoms is that they are also able to notify owners when someone is loitering near their property, without having to press a button on the doorbell itself. You can even configure some systems so that they do not sound at specific times of the day or during periods when it would be inconvenient.

  1. Smart A/C controllers

This device is programmed with the latest home automation technology. It allows you take better control of your air conditioner. You can regulate the temperature, switch it on/off, track maintenance, and save reminders. This app’s function in automated temperature regulation is immensely convenient. If you’re looking forward to getting your hands on a smart a/c controller, Cielo WiGle can help you out. It is a company that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of smart home systems.

  1. Personal Assistants

Smartphone assistants have been around for a few years. Now, these systems are becoming increasingly common at home with Amazon’s Echo with the latest version of the popular personal assistant Alexa. With increasingly advanced and common automation technologies, we were soon able to see smart homes that could be operated virtually entirely by voice activation or controlled by a personal assistant like Alexa.

As our world continues to be increasingly connected and automated, the amount of data available for collection by personal assistants has grown inexplicably. Soon we could reach a point where, by using technologies such as AI or machine learning, the data could be used in a way that far exceeds anything currently available in the market.

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