Hackers are taking advantage of Covid-19 in Pakistan: Warns PTA

hackers are using covid-19 in pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has warned the public about the scammers and hackers who used the current pandemic to hack the cell phones and computers.

“Hackers attack mobile phones and computers by sending out spam emails, messages, picture advertisements, files, documents or links related to coronavirus malware. So stay healthy and visit only authentic websites to get reliable coronavirus-related news,” says PTA.

Hackers are taking the opportunity to send malware to your computers despite the confusion the novel virus has caused across the globe. Click on any emails, or actively connect them.

For news and stats refer to only credible websites.

Internet use in Pakistan has increased by 15 percent as educational institutes have started student online classes, many businesses have a “work-from-home” policy, and many other people have resorted to browsing in their free time due to the countrywide lockdown.

“In the region, ample internet infrastructure exists to meet the increasing demands of the future. During this difficult time, PTA has been tracking internet use trends closely to ensure that effective and reliable telecommunications services remain accessible to customers, “says PTA.

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