Kumar Sanu refuses to work with Pakistani promoters after threats from FWICE
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Kumar Sanu refuses to work with Pakistani promoters after threats from FWICE

The renowned playback singer from Bollywood, Kumar Sanu, refused to perform in any show promoted by a Pakistani, the singer announced on his social media accounts in a video.

Sanu also expressed that he, Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan will shortly be visiting the United States and will be performing at events organized only by promoters who are not Pakistanis.


Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan and I are coming to the United States to perform but we will not attend any show promoted by a Pakistani,” the singer said. “Promoters who are from other countries have nothing to worry about. We will be performing in their shows.”

The famous 90s trio was set to play together at an event in the US on November 17, according to India Today. But after hearing that a Pakistani national, Moazzma Hunain, is organizing the concert, FCIWE told the singers not to be part of the concert.

Having learned that you along with you contemporaries are scheduled to perform in the USA on November 17th, 2019 that is organized by a Pakistani national Moazzma Hunain, we at FWICE are requesting for you reversal step that would delink your participation from the said event,” read a part of the notice.

Back of the tensions prevailing with our neighbours, more so after abrogation of Article 370, FWICE which holds the dignity of our country as paramountly important, has time and again informed the members of the film fraternity to abstain from associating with a Pakistani National in any platform of cultural or professional activities in Pakistan or in any part of the world,” the notice further stated.

The notice also asked the singers to “not throw open any ground for disharmony and displeasures arising out of an adverse eventuality in the future”.

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