Farhan Saeed accuses Salim-Sulaiman for copying his song "Roiyaan"
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Farhan Saeed accuses Salim-Sulaiman for copying his song “Roiyaan”

Farhan Saeed, the Pakistani Jal Band singer, accused Salim Merchant of copying his song Roiyaan and wrote about Salim Merchant’s plagiarism on his twitter handle.

Farhan wrote that somebody sent him the song Hareya by Salim Merchant and it’s exactly the copy of his song Roiyaan released in 2014.

Farhan added that when they steal somebody’s work, people have the audacity to call them as an artist, and he also said that if you want to do it, you should ask permission for it, and if the other person really wants to do it, the least they can do is to make it good.

Listen to Roiyaan by Farhan Saeed:

Salim Merchant replied that it was just a matter of coincidence that the chorus of his song Haareya was exactly the same as that of Farhan’s song Roiyaan and added that there were many times when the music’s notes had a natural progression that made it sound exactly the same and that he and Sulaiman had a track record of never plagiarizing and also said that he never had heard of Farhan’s song Roiyaan.

Farhan also replied that if Salim said so, as another coincidence is that they both had the same lyricist.

Listen to Salim-Sulaiman’s song yourself and decide if they have copied Farhan Saeed’s Roiyaan or not? India has certainly banned Pakistani artists but it looks like their new motive is to “steal” the talent since they can’t approach our artists anymore.

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