Quentin Tarantino teases 'Kill Bill 3'
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Quentin Tarantino teases ‘Kill Bill 3’

No one knows how many movies Quentin Tarantino has left. It may be one after Once Upon A Time In … Hollywood, but if we don’t count a possible R-rated Star Trek movie and anything else Tarantino directs but doesn’t write, it could readily be north of that.

It’s a totally artificial self-imposed limit and he’s free to rewrite it as and when, of course, but it would be great to be able to get something solid penciled in. You might think of ‘ Kill Bill 3 ‘ sketching? ‘ However, very weakly with the ancient HB, because Tarantino and Uma Thurman were chatting and it, looks like both of them were up for it.

“Me and Uma have talked about it recently, frankly, to tell you the truth, I have thought about it a little further. We were talking about it literally last week. If any of my movies were going to spring from my other movies, it would be a third Kill Bill.” Tarantino told the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

One of the mooted routes a third Kill Bill might take would be to follow the grown-up daughter of former Deadly Viper Assassination Squad member Vernita Green as she tries to do in Thurman’s The Bride in the opening chapter of the first Kill Bill, which would be very nice.

Amandla Stenberg from The Hate U Give also pitched herself for last summer’s part. “There have been rumors about a potential Kill Bill Vol. 3 and it’s just going to be amazing,” she said. “It’s my favorite film. It’d be so awesome. Vernita’s daughter is told by the Bride after she kills [ her mom ], ‘ If you’re salty about it in ten years, come find me and we’re going to work it out.”

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