Mohsin Abbas Haider allegedly fired from Mazaq Raat

Mohsin Abbas Haider allegedly fired from Mazaq Raat

Mohsin Abbas Haider, actor and singer, is in difficulty following his wife’s accusations of domestic violence. Mohsin Abbas Haider was working as a DJ at the Mazaaq Raat news show on Dunya News.

He achieved enormous fame through the comedy show “Mazaq Raat”. The channel decided to fire him from the show following the accusations of domestic violence.

In this regard, the channel has not yet released an official statement. Some appreciate the channel’s choice while others say the channel should wait until the accusations are proven in court.

In a social media post, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatima Sohail shared how her husband abused her. She claimed he had taken her out by her hair, dragged her on the ground, kicked her several times, struck her on her face and threw her on the wall while she was pregnant with his baby.

“Traumatized me contacted a friend instead of family & was rushed to the hospital. The doctor initially refused to do checkup as it was a police case. I needed some time to digest the shock and not file a complaint,” she explained on her social media account.

In a press conference on Sunday, however, Mohsin rejected all these accusations. Call it conservative, old-school, or backward, but I belong to a women-respecting family, he said. He said he had hospital bills as proof against the accusations made by her wife “that he wanted to run away from the responsibility of the baby.”

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