Dirty Monopoly of Big Three in Pakistan’s Automobile Industry

Dirty Monopoly of Big Three in Pakistan's Automobile Industry
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Pakistan’s automobile industry is ruled by three big names, Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda, and they have created a monopoly in the automobile market.

These companies introduce so-called new models every year by modifying a few features, or sometimes with no innovation in comparison to the previous models. The current examples are the variants of Honda City, which have continued for more than 1 decade with only a slight upgrade in exterior design and headlamps.

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On the other hand, Toyota Corolla offers “Few” better facilities than other rivals, but the price of Corolla is much higher than its production cost and compare to the features they provide. The facelift model of Corolla and the previous one have faced criticism over its poor road grip resulting in life-threatening accidents. The brakes of Corolla are also very poor. While driving above 80 Km/h, the car starts to topple on the application of brakes.

This automobile mafia is ruling us by setting unjustifiable prices for such crap cars. Also, old models of “Vintage” cars that are not even worthy and fit for the road are being sold in Pakistan against unexpectedly high rates.

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The Government of Pakistan and the Supreme Court should set up an accountability sector for these industries in order to control the sky shooting rates of these vehicles, escalating every year, having no major changes, and addition of features in contrast to previous versions.

There is CAMBT, the “Campaign Against Monopoly of Big Three” page on Facebook that raises its voice against the monopoly of the three biggest automakers in Pakistan. The page admins and followers are not just campaigning on social media, they have also started writing letters to the Supreme Court stating, “The automobile industry of Pakistan is a small and growing one. Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota are the only noticeable companies. Due to a limited number of competitors, these companies have created their monopoly. When the Government increases taxes on the companies, they increase the prices of their car. They do what they want to and no one makes them accountable for that.”

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