Mariah Carey has won the #BottleCapChallange

Mariah Carey has won the #BottleCapChallange

Mariah Carey showed the most iconic way to take on the bottle cap challenge. The bottle cap challenge is the recent viral trend to take social media by storm, which basically includes making a revolving kick to the top of a bottle, twisting the cap off in the process.

We have already seen celebrities like John Mayer, Jason Statham, Diplo, and Conor McGregor take on the challenge (to different degrees of success) — now it’s been shot by pop legend Mariah Carey, and she’s done it in the most “Mariah Carey” way.

Mariah Carey is known for her incomparable five-octave vocal range. The five-time Grammy winner posted a video to Twitter showing her taking a deep breath as she prepared her body for a spin kick, but she put her finger on her ear instead of kicking the lid off the bottle and let a high pitch note out, sending the lid flying.

The attempt has already been dubbed “iconic” by the fans, with the clip already starting to receive meme treatment. As of now, the tweet has got over 10 million views in just a few hours.

Mariah Carey is known as one of the biggest selling female artists of all time, with over 200 million records sold, she remains the singer with most weeks at Billboard #1. She has 18 #1 hits to her credit (more than any solo artist ever). She was recently awarded an “Icon Award” at the Billboard Music Awards 2019.

So we suppose this implies that the challenge of the bottle cap is formally over and everyone can go home as nobody will be able to top Mimi’s attempt!

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