Rihanna reveals NEW details about R9

Rihanna reveals NEW details about R9

Rihanna revealed the latest details about her upcoming album R9 in her cover interview for the latest edition of ‘Interview’, which she defines as fun. She said that it really “sucks” that her album has not come out yet. As she is working on a really “fun” album and she is really excited and satisfied with most of the songs she has recorded so far with her team. She said that she will not put the album out until it is fully completed.

The upcoming, yet unnamed album will be Rihanna’s first new release since Anti which was released in 2016, and so far her eighth studio album. She’s obviously a perfectionist, though. Rihanna has consistently ignored or shut down fans dismissing all of her other work in fashion, beauty, and film while asking for new music.

Rihanna said that it does not make any sense to rush her upcoming album. However, she wants the album to be out soon.

She told the ‘Interview’ that she has now gotten to the point where she believes that she will put the album out even if she does not have time to shoot music videos. She previously had given a four years gap between 2012’s Loud and 2016’s album release Anti. So, obviously, fans will have to wait patiently for the upcoming album.

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