Learn about the importance and the process of ‘UX’ before hiring a UI Designer

Learn about the importance and the process of ‘UX’ before hiring a UI Designer

Let’s Learn about the importance and the process of ‘UX’ before hiring a UI Designer. The Internet world is all surrounded by magnificent websites and applications that have their own unique features and personalized touch. Developers and designers from all over the world are daily struggling to deliver that perfect user experience but it’s not as easy it sounds.

What is the UX – User Experience?

It is about how a person feels toward a website or an application.

A good website or an application engages the audiences while a great one influences the audience to visit it more frequently and remain loyal to the product or brand.

What is UI Development?

The User Interface (UI) focuses on designing the overall looks and other visual elements in an application or a website to enhance user interaction.

A User Experience (UX) is incomplete without a creative UI Designer that has all the right skills to engage the audiences and understand their designing needs from their perspective. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the value of UX first before even hiring a UI Designer.

Importance of UX

An experience may either be positive or negative. Here, the experience relates to a feeling or connection that creates an impact in the user’s mind for a long time and influences them to take action that’s why the designers are always working on their toes to generate fresh ideas and enhance the user experiences.

It is important to understand the users’ point of view and the business objectives to achieve an ultimate user experience. To put it in simple words, businesses earn the loyalty of customers for a longer period if they are successful in creating positive experiences.

What makes a great user experience?

This is not for anyone to decide except the user itself. The user experience is different for everyone. It is all about reading between the lines and paying attention to the little details.

Steps involved in the UX process

It involves these steps in creating a perfect UX experience.

  1. Getting to know your audience

The first step is the most important step which is getting to know about the audience. This allows the designers to develop experiences related to the emotional and mental needs of the users.

  1. Creating a User Persona

The second step is creating a persona that considers all the user details in terms of demographics, user personality, and preferences while implementing the relevant site analytics will ensure that the users achieve a unique experience.

  1. Building an Interactive User Interface

The third step involves building a user interface according to the collected data and testing it on different platforms. It is the utmost responsibility of the designer to test out the websites and applications on a group of people. Many developers perform the testing phase by optimizing it on Google Platforms and improving the overall user experience by enhancing the features.

  1. Conducting a User Survey

Another step is to generate user surveys and interview the users to get valuable insights and apply them into the design.

  1. Taking feedbacks

Feedbacks in any form are more helpful in creating the most effective design. Taking direct feedbacks from colleagues, fellows and friends could help in designing a more user-friendly website or application.

  1. Using Analytical tools

Several analytical tools enable users to engage with the website in real time. Some platforms like Mouseflow or heatmaps could track the user movements on the website and help study the user flow.

  1. Sitemaps and Wireframes

Building a sitemap for the pages on the website enhances the overall look of the website and organizes the content of the web pages in a structural form under one platform.

Creating wireframes that represent the skeletal framework of web pages can save the development time by making necessary adjustments before completing the design process.

  1. Style guides

Designing a memorable user experience is all about selecting the right style guides to ensure that the brand and design elements align with the owner’s goals. Adding them on the websites or applications allows the users to know more about the product or brand.


Creating a true user experience requires consistency. It is not a onetime process but a continuous one as it requires updating according to the market and consumer trends.

The UI Designer needs to ensure that they cover all these aspects to create a good-looking and user-friendly website or application for the users.

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