8 Skills you need to be a kickass front end developer

8 Skills you need to be a front end developer

A job market is a happening place for people with exclusive skills and unique talent. It never compromises on the quality of its resources as a huge quantity of the people struggling to avail better job opportunities is significant.

It is essential to have the required amount of skills to land in good jobs. Likewise, the demand for skilled software engineers is increasing as having the right amount of skills has become an important need for the market.

With the robust use of technology, the companies are desperately in need to hire web developers. There are two types of web developers, frontend and backend. The backend developers ensure the server needs are met while the frontend developers mostly take care of the clients.

The set of skills required for a good frontend developer includes technical aspects as well as soft-skills. The following are the 8 skills to be considered to become a skilled front end developer.

Technical skills of a front-end developer


HTML is a standard web language that creates web pages while CSS is a language used to create the style and layout of the page after creating the web page with HTML. Mastering both these languages is equally necessary for a front end developer.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a complete programming language that provides interactive features like audio/video games, page animations, etc. For a developer, The HTML, CSS, and Javascript all three are the conceptual foundation for the website development.

3. JavaScript/CSS Frameworks and JavaScript libraries

A front end developer should familiarize himself with the given JavaScript/CSS Frameworks. The most popular JavaScript frameworks include Angular Js and React. Likewise, libraries like jQuery make the workflow faster and smoother.

4. CSS3 Sass/LESS

A front end developer should have proficient knowledge about CSS3 and its preprocessors Sass and LESS to make the whole process faster to turn it into a cross-browser friendly code.

5. Developer tools

Developer tools available on almost all the web browsers help in the testing and debugging phase as they allow refining pages in the browser.

Soft skills of a front-end developer

6. An eye for details/Focus

A front end developer should have an eye for detail. He or she should be able to notice small and important things.

7. Creativity

It is important for a front-end developer to have a creative side. Without creativity, it’s impossible to compete with the latest trends and technology.

8. Interpersonal and problem-solving skills

Since communication is the key, Interpersonal skills ensure effective communication is maintained at all levels and a developer should develop necessary interpersonal skills and demonstrate problem-solving skills to avoid any complications and communicate freely within the teams.

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It’s not at all easy to develop these skills overnight for a front-end developer. In fact, it’s a matter of dedication, determination and hard work through all the years. Without the willingness and curiosity to learn everything, there won’t be any possible improvements in these sets of skills. Therefore, a front-end developer should be adaptable to adjust himself according to the market trends and needs.

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