What do we know about Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates of 2019

What do we know about Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates of 2019

The Google world is full of unfamiliar faces striving to reach at the top of the Google charts to become familiar with the world. That’s right! We all know the struggle and how Google works.

The Google Algorithm retrieves all the data in the Google search engine and changes it accordingly to deliver the possible results. Multiple companies practice SEO strategies and struggle to achieve the top ranks in Google search engine daily but only a few make it at the end of the day.

The purpose of these organizations is to reach the maximum number of target audiences. Every day, millions of users seek help from Google search services by typing the required keywords and gaining relevant knowledge. Since it’s easy and time efficient to get more insights from the first page, the business organizations plan to increase their chances of reaching out to these users by replacing other websites one by one with the top position.

How Google Algorithm works

The Google Algorithm keeps changing every few months, days, and even multiple times a day. The Google search engine is an unpredictable place for organizations. The websites follow aggressive marketing techniques to strategize their content and the companies hire people with the best SEO skills to rank their websites on the Google Charts.

With the release of new updates, organizations suffer high fluctuations and keep losing their ranks. Google announces most of these updates unofficially and the companies often find them maintaining their pace to match the updates through various SEO models.

Major Updates

To know more about Google Algorithm, it’s important to get familiar with the official and unofficial terms introduced by Google.


Hummingbird focuses on the whole conversation rather than just particular words for faster and better search results.


Panda works to evaluate the website rankings based on their quality and score to deliver quality content.

EMD (Exact Match Domain)

EMD ensures that websites get rankings based on their content quality and improvements.


Penguin removes all the ‘spammy’ or manipulative links by ranking down the false websites.


Payday cleans up the ‘spammy’ and outdated queries to provide a secure environment to the user.


Pigeon refines the search based on the location of the user to provide better local results.


Medic focuses on ranking health and medical websites based on health and nutrition topics to help users with the correct information.


Fred detects the low-quality websites with no clear motives or hidden motives to provide safer results.


Possum filters the search according to the relevancy of the user to provide convenience.


Pirate secures the data by preventing sites from using copyright content and immediately reports them.

Top Heavy

Top Heavy removes the rank from websites that are too heavy with excessive ads.


Mobilegeddon ranks the mobile-friendly sites based on the results and searches made through mobiles.

Different Types of Google Updates

The updates for 2019 are mostly based on Official names, broad core and functionality updates.

Update 1

Google Algorithm is working on focusing on the quality of the content by carefully analyzing them. The marketers need to ensure their content market strategy aligns with the updates.

Update 2

Businesses often lose rankings due to sudden updates and amendments made in keywords by Google. The long keywords would definitely change the trend of short keywords.

Update 3

A solid SEO strategy won’t work unless the business understands what Google values.

Update 4

Google has announced some official names that start with P: Penguin, Pirate, and Panda. Often names like Pigeon are unofficially announced by Google.

Update 5

Broad core updates are specific details that aren’t clearly informed by Google but they are based on various ranking factors.

Update 6

Google has recently provided some functionality updates regarding speed and mobile-friendly updates.

Update 7

The release of Mobile friendly algorithm will ensure that websites achieve ranks based on the search results made through the mobiles. It’s vital to have a mobile-friendly website.

Update 8

Google will block the websites with rewritten content that has already been posted on other websites.

Update 9

The Brackets update focuses on improving the quality of the content in snippets.

The road to Recovery for 2019

The experts and the SEO strategist should know how to read between the lines as these sudden changes often come as an uninvited guest.

However, some of these tips could be helpful for the users in 2019 as they remain true throughout the year.

  1. Create high-quality content

This term is equally confusing and challenging for the users as delivering high-quality content isn’t easy as it sounds. Try evaluating the valuable aspects and key points based on the usefulness of the content.

  1. Mobile- Friendly Experience

Try testing out the website on the mobile first to see if it’s mobile-friendly. Google definitely considers creating an overall mobile experience for the user.

  1. A Solid SEO Strategy

Up your game by making no room for mistakes. A solid SEO strategy requires consistency. Make sure to know the usage of the right keywords and eliminate any small errors that might welcome doubts related to the strategy.

  1. Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy is more than just selecting the topics and presenting them to the audiences. It encompasses all the requirements of the business goals in alignment with the demands of the target audiences. Make sure to develop an effective strategy for the business.

  1. Check Speed

If the website takes more than a couple of seconds to load, people will eventually lose interest that’s why it’s essential to test the website on different devices to check the speed.

  1. Research the Search Engine

Pay attention to little details and see how the search engine works. See what are the strategies adopted by the top ranking websites and what type of keywords are used by the target audiences.

Key Takeaway

Based on official and unofficial announcements, these recent updates provide an insight on how the Google Algorithm works though it updates continually, there’s no benchmark on the criteria that proves how the Algorithm evaluates the information on the Google search engine and ranks the websites.

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