eLite Server Management Review : Best & Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Provider?


Every business relies on a robust IT framework and network infrastructure. Getting a scalable and secure server service for a business is not an easy task. eLiteServerMangement.com provides not only formidable dedicated server service, but that too at great pricing plans to cater to different types of businesses. They have a dedicated support team for handling any kind of issue 24×7 and provide all modern features such as advanced hacking protection. The eLite team has been in the business for a long time, leveraging their experience in bringing the most up to date and easy to handle a fully managed dedicated server worldwide. The plans are priced aggressively and there is no issue of any hidden costs, a serious problem with many competitors out there in the market.

There is a plethora of reasons why to choose dedicated server service from the eLite Server Management. To begin with, the servers are fully customizable. ESM(eLite Server Management)  makes sure that the servers are up all the time and offer industry-grade hardware infrastructure. Customers get to choose plenty of features when opting for a plan such as “Hacker Guard”, which provides advanced protection. The bills can be paid using flexible payment options every month or on a yearly basis.

An in-depth analysis of the pros of ESM’s appreciable services is given below:

•    Full access and control over all your servers so that you can use them as per your requirements. The servers will come preconfigured with operating system specific software, such as Apache HTTP or Server Manager. eLite Server Mangement also provides fully dedicated resources on Private Cloud.

•    Scalable service which ensures that you can migrate to higher plans and advanced hardware without any loss of data or need for any reinstallation. The migration takes place seamlessly and in no time.

•     Uncapped bandwidth helps in achieving a server, which never slows down no matter how much or for how long your users are using the server.

•    24×7 support ensures complete peace of mind as the support team makes sure that your servers are operational all the time.

•    The pricing is extremely competitive and the lowest in the market. The 7-day, the money-back guarantee is the icing on the cake.

eLite Server Management .com has data center located in Dallas TX. They offer dedicated resources on the Private Cloud with a control panel for Public and Administrator control panel for Private cloud. They also offer different Linux distributions, Windows, and cPanel virtual machines (VMs). There is the option to select up to 8 cores, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drive and 5 TB bandwidth. The pricing varies as per the processing speed, RAM, storage and bandwidth.

If we look into the plans of Dallas TX server:

•    Intel Core2 processors with 8-16 GB of RAM, 0.5-1 TB storage and with 10 TB bandwidth will cost $39-49 per month.

•    Dual-core processors with 32-64 GB of RAM, 0.5-2 TB storage and with 10-20 TB bandwidth will cost around $60-70 per month.

As for the Dallas TX:

•    Dual Xeon processors with 8-16 GB of RAM, 0.5-1 TB storage and with 10 TB bandwidth will cost around $69-80 per month.

•    Dual Xenon processors with 64-128 GB of RAM, 2-4 TB storage with 10-30 TB bandwidth will cost around $80-139 per month.

Based on rock-solid performance thanks to the enterprise-class hardware and active customer care services, eLite Server Management makes an obvious choice for dedicated server service requirements. They offer plenty of different and customizable server options at attractive and flexible plans. All the features make it highly recommended for dedicated server service.


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