How to boost your website traffic with minimum investment

How to boost your website traffic with minimum investment

Diving deeper into this topic, one must fully understand how the Google Algorithm works on the website and how it analyzes the SEM tools and techniques to generate traffic on websites. A good investment is equally essential to apply these tools in the beginning but they aren’t necessarily needed.

To start with boosting your website traffic depends on the overall criteria and the potential of the website to achieve the maximum amount of target audiences on the web pages. If the website lacks in its initial phase, there’s a high chance that these practices won’t work otherwise.                        

How Google Algorithm Works?

Google Algorithms have instigated the Google search engine with more compelling features due to the enhanced competition between the websites. With the start of 2019, the focus on short keywords has been minimized as many websites have been following the same technique for years. So, if anybody is planning to implement SEO principles, they should definitely consider the new techniques and tools to boosts traffic on their websites with minimum investment.

The Google algorithms work perfectly when the content is genuine with the least modifications and blended with the right keywords. The PageRank helps Google to rank the websites based on the relevancy and originality of the content.

This article provides a basic overview of the SEO practices and Google Analytics to generate maximum traffic on the website with the lowest possible investment.

1. SEO tools and techniques

Initiating Backlinks

Backlinks are an important source as they direct the attention of the users towards the content of your website. Many websites have different preferences as tools to initiate and track all the backlinks but they should also work to eliminate all the harmful links as updated by Google Penguin.


Tools like Pingdom or Google’s PageSpeed Insights play a vital role if the website works faster. The speed of the website creates a unique user experience and boosts SEO techniques to achieve a better ranking on Google.

Keyword Research

The choice of the correct keywords for your website content enables the Google bots to connect all the dots as they assist the users to find the perfect content based on their researched keywords.

Boosting up your content with the right tools

There are several SEO tools that could help in generating more leads for your website by simply ranking your website from bottom to top in Google charts if applied effectively.

2. Google Analytics

Most website owners are already familiar with Google Analytics. It provides a basic analysis based on the number of users on your website and landing pages. It also updates the owner about certain user specifications and preferences by reading between the lines. A more advanced user will be able to comprehend the analytics by combining them with social media strategies.

3. Pay per Click (PPC)

You might have heard about Pay Per Click (PPC) or Click Through Rate (CTR). Pay per click is a part of SEO practices that help to boost the website content by using Google Adwords by placing ads on the Google search engine. The good thing about Google Adwords is that you generally have to pay for the number of clicks generated on the link. It requires some amount of investment but it is highly resourceful for websites.

4. Click through Rate

The click-through rate generates an overall percent rate based on the number of visits made by the users. It basically informs the website owners about the overall user statistics in terms of visitors and content optimization. Facebook or Instagram Ads could also help the users to increase your click-through rate by increasing the website on the given webpage.

5. Strategize your Content

It is essential to observe competitors and their content strategy not to duplicate but to stop making the same mistakes again. The Google bots are specially designed to eradicate all the plagiarized data from the Google engine.

These tips could be beneficial while creating perfect content.

1. Choose a different topic that is relevant and desired by the target audience.

2. Focus on creating a unique and catchy headline that attracts the attention of the audience.

3. Refrain from being a copycat and choose genuine content over copied material.

4. Optimize the content with the right keywords. Write long keywords instead of short ones.

5. Update the Meta description with approachable words.

6. Avoid using bad grammar or repetitive sentences as they distract the readers while reading.

7. Always add hyperlinks and caption on the images if required.

8. Use a better font style and font size.

9. Structured wise content is better than a non-structured one.

6. Social Media Platforms

The key to generating heavy traffic without costing an arm or a leg is to opt for social media tools and techniques through sources like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. The owners can also implement social media marketing options offered by them to engage their audience and influence them to take interest in the website content.

Some effective tips are mentioned below.

Launch a Giveaway Contest

The audience on Instagram or Facebook love to participate in free giveaways or discounted deals. It could also be done through by providing a set of instructions like asking the audience to visit your website for the contest details or directing them to the website page by submitting the link button.

Networking or Socializing

Build a better network on Linkedin or Facebook by socializing and engaging the audience by creating different posts.

Vlogs or Tutorials

Recently, the trend of Vlogs is emerging as many bloggers or influencer marketers tend to develop their viewers or audience by entertaining them. It only costs creativity and the right editing skills.

Tutorials are another way to build an interactive website for all the users and deliver information at the same time. If your website is an educational one, chances are you could post short tutorials based on the courses offered on Linkedin and attract the audience to click the link of your website for more tutorials like these.

Youtube Channel

Start your own youtube channel. This option isn’t important but you can boost your audience by launching your Vlogs or Tutorials on your page and linking them with your website.


WordPress bloggers and writers are extremely valuable for boosting your website. They could easily target a greater number of audiences for your website. So, if you have blogger friends, reach out to them and let them do the math for you. Write for quality blogs as a guest writer or influence to create authenticity of your personal or business website.


Forums are often underestimated because they don’t generate a huge crowd on your website but that’s not true. A lot of people visit forums like Quora to answer user related queries or ask questions. You can definitely look out for some asked specific questions and include it on your website at the same time promoting your website by mentioning the link on the description.

7. Revise and Update Content

It is 2019 so why would the audience be interested to read outdated content on your website? Therefore, it’s important to revise and update the content accordingly.

8. Email Based Marketing

The more the email subscribers, the more likable chances to get your content shared. Permission-based email marketing is quite effective to communicate with your users and update them about your website through E-mail.

9. Relevancy

This is the most important and neglected point as most website owners fail to deliver the relevant content to the relevant audience. If your website is for educational purpose then sharing irrelevant entertainment posts would definitely decrease the audience on your website as the content won’t be appealing to them.

10. Boosts up all your Posts

Boost all your posts by implementing the SEO tools so that it diverts more attention of the users to your page. Some tips to include.

1. Don’t forget to include a little introduction about the Author at the end of all the posts.

2.  Add a comments section so the audiences could feel more connected.

3. Add a subscribe button to increase your potential customers too.

4. Don’t miss out on important details if required, for instance, the address, contact number or email address.

5. Always include a ‘Feedback option’ so the users could get back to you with their responses.

11. Place Ads

Placing Ads on the website could help the owners by earning them a few bucks but this stage comes after long-time research on the target audiences and their preferences. Without the proper knowledge about the marketing techniques and the practical world, this option isn’t much a bigger help.

Wrapping Up

Several Methodologies have been applied by the website owners to indulge the readers and the target audience effectively. The owner who masters the art of SEM, SEO and Google Analytics along with multiple content strategies could be called as the champion of the Internet world. It’s fairly important to apply all the relevant strategies and follow the right marketing practices.

So if you’re an owner of a website and want to promote it to the target audience, these tools and techniques are designed to cover all the cost-friendly aspects for the beginners as well as experienced ones.

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