Why Instagram is getting more popular than Facebook

Why Instagram is getting more popular than Facebook

The social marketing strategies are taking businesses to a whole new level. There’s an upheaval in the social media market about creating unique content and developing new ideas to successfully promote the brands to their target audience. Billions of users consider platforms like Instagram or Facebook as their source of information all around the world.

Which one might be better in terms of usage, engagement, and flexibility is a big debate since both Instagram and Facebook are equally creative and updated with the latest trends.

However, Instagram is gaining more popularity these days than Facebook as it’s getting more comfortable with the term ‘marketing strategies’ that are easier to use on Insta rather than on Facebook.

Let’s consider the points to evaluate why Instagram is getting more popular than Facebook.

  1. Better Features: Instagram has more defined features to update short videos through Boomerang or even edit them through filters which is why people like to engage more to get a better experience.
  2. Original Content: There’s a reason why people feel safer to interact on Instagram more than on Facebook as it restricts the audience to post or share other user’s content without having any permission rights.
  3. Limited Content: The content is mostly limited to photos which makes the audience easier to focus on one specific post rather than multiple posts.
  4. Young Audience: Recently, a shift has been observed in the target audience as more young people are switching to Instagram for a safer and convenient experience.
  5. Insta Stories: This option enables the users to update their Instagram stories and promote them through various advertising options. It’s a much better option than Facebook as it provides them with the freedom to share their stories to a much larger audience.
  6. A hub for Celebrities: Billions of celebrities could be found on Instagram updating about their daily lives or promoting various brands without the need to raise any privacy concerns or having any safety issues.
  7. A happy place for Photographers: Millions of people like to share their art and photography on Instagram. It’s a happy place for all travelers, photographers, and adventure lovers.
  8. A more positive place: Needless to say, Facebook is more vulnerable towards the comment section as it’s an open platform that updates about all kinds of information derived from recognized or unrecognized sources.

Wrapping up

Both Instagram and Facebook have their own distinctive features and unique approaches to cater to their target audience however, Instagram is slightly better than Facebook in terms of adding value to the followers.


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