The Launch of New Formula 1 Grand Prix in Vietnam

The Launch of New Formula 1 Grand Prix in Vietnam

The Vietnamese communist will soon receive the first taste of the glamorous Formula One as the chief Jean Todt announces the inaugural of Grand Prix in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.

This is a great opportunity for all the Vietnamese people as it will unlock doors for motorsport lovers in Southeast Asia.

Todt announces the expected date to be in April next year for the launch of  Grand Prix. He hopes that this will ignite some passion among the people and spark their interest in racing.

Todt is excited about the event and realizes the significance of motorsports for the multi-talented youth.

The New F1 is designed to challenge all the street circuit racing says the Chief of Formula One.

During its launch in South Korea back then, the deal suffered from collated losses of around $170 million. It was meant to last from 2010 to 2016 but due to unfortunate events, the venture was immediately turned off in 2013.

A similar experience happened in India as the people failed to recognize it as a sport and the organizers received an increased tax bill that was estimated at around $50 million per race.

Hanoi hopes to discourage such incidents in the future and expects a promising deal from this event.

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