Maraheb Pakistan: Dubai’s Famous Eatery Opens in Karachi

Maraheb Pakistan: Dubai’s Iconic Eatery Opens in Karachi

One of the greatest restaurants of United Arab Emirates is going to open in Karachi. Known as Maraheb, a Yemeni/Arabic cooking eatery, the eatery is good to go to carry new flavors with a bit of ancient social legacy.

Named as the ‘Lord of Mandi’, Maraheb’s first outlet is situated at Sharfabad alongside Swensens. In any case, it has not authoritatively been available to the general population yet.


Starting at now, we are anticipating a delightful and tremendous menu from Maraheb. Aside from its mark dish Mandi, the restaurant will serve liver, barbecued fish, and flame broiled Hamour, barbecued King Fish, Saltah Fahsah, Kunafeh, and different chicken and meat dishes.

Maraheb’s Opening Date

While addressing one of the delegates, we have come to realize that the speculative date will be at some point on December 2018.

Over the previous year, Karachi has seen an upsurge in Mandi diners in different regions. The rising pattern of Arabic Cuisine has expanded the interest for Mandi eateries to manifolds.

A healthy platter of delightful rice presented with cooked chicken, sheep, lamb or even fish on occasion, green chutney, and serving of mixed greens, this dish means a plate of glorious nourishment! What’s more, natives are most likely cherishing the cooking.

Dubai’s upscale eatery Maraheb is one more expansion to the city’s rising Mandi culture. The brand is viewed as a standout amongst the best restaurants in the emirate. Let’s see how it works in Karachi.

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