Highlights from the Dreamy Affair: Iman Ali’s Wedding With Babar Bhatti

The minute Iman Ali’s wedding with Babar Bhatti was declared; it ended up a standout amongst the most anticipated pre-marriage ceremony of the year.

The model turned on-screen character got Nikkahfied yesterday and we should state, the function was without a doubt one of the coolest undertakings of the year.

The couple looked the loveliest and they delighted in all of their minutes with genuine love. Iman Ali’s divorce settlement (Haq Mehr) was set at 2.5 million (25 Lakh) and her fans are left in wonderment of the astounding sum!

The photos of the function say a lot of the invaluable bond they share. The function was attended by various big names including Sarwat Gilani, Urwa Hocane, vocalist Farhan Saeed, Faraz Manan, Hassan Shehryar Yasin, Ali Xeeshan, and Zara Shahjahan who additionally set the

The declaration of Iman Ali’s marriage has without a doubt came as an astonishment to a considerable lot of her fans and we would like to see our diva driving a cheerful wedded life too.

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