A Few Simple Tips You can do by Yourself to Optimize Your Android Phone

A Few Simple Tips You can do by Yourself to Optimize Your Android Phone

The number of Android users has grown exponentially over the years. And rightfully so, as these types of Smartphone have proven to be reliable and useful compared to other manufacturers. Android has stepped things up a notch and started to provide much better services than others. But over a period of time and with a lot of use, your phone will eventually start slowing down.

With the wear and tear our mobile phones go through on a daily basis it is no wonder that we go through phones so fast. Most people decide on an upgrade and just get a new one, but others think that to  optimize your smartphone  is a much better solution. Here are some tricks that you can do by yourself in order to optimize your phone and give it a longer life span.

A Few Simple Tips You can do by Yourself to Optimize Your Android Phone

Uninstall Bloatware

What you should do first is to uninstall all the bloatware from your phone! Bloatware is all the apps that your phone comes with. Most of them do not really need or are going to use only once. So why keep them around?

Just go to your system settings and uninstall all the unnecessary apps your phone has been crammed with. It may look good and useful on paper to someone, but that someone does not mean you!

Use a Different Home Screen Launcher

A default home screen launcher on an Android phone may not always be a great option. Sure, it provides you with what you need and does the job perfectly, but there are ways to change it up a bit and customize it in order to tweak your phone.

You can customize the launcher by yourself and fiddle around with the options a bit. Or you can simply download a more useful one off the internet. There are some which are specifically designed to tweak the performance of your Android phone.

Optimize Multitasking

One of the biggest advantages of every smartphone and let alone an Android-based one is its ability to switch smoothly from one task to the other. I mean, multitasking is truly important and does not boast well if you disregard it. But when it comes using the native Recent Apps feature on an Android phone, there are better ways to do it.

I mean the native one that you have on your Android system actually works surprisingly well. But if you truly want to optimize your multitasking you can switch to a better one. There are tons on the internet that provides you with ways to make the transition from one content to the other as smooth as possible.

Smarten Up Your Display

Regardless of what you may think, there are periods of time when you are not using your phone. During this period the display should be turned off. Your phone already has a built-in option to shut down the display after a period of inactive use, but you can do things in a much smarter way.

There are programs that can determine when you are using your phone and when not just based on your movement and the positioning of your phone. Install one such program and you will be able to optimize your display in a much more useful way for your smartphone.

Fix the Auto Brightness System

The biggest consumer of your phone’s battery is the screen. The display uses up the majority of your phone’s juice but is also what visually makes the phone attractive for use by many users. So essentially you can’t have one without the other.

Well, actually you can. Most phones do not have a built-in system that can regulate the brightness on the screen of the phone. But luckily there are apps that can help you do so. Using such an app will help you tweak up your auto brightness in a much more prolific way and will keep your phone “alive” for a significantly longer period.

Optimize Your Lock Screen

What many people don’t actually realize is that you can put your lock screen to a much better function. Your lock screen is the first thing that you see when you phone lights up and most users do not really use it in any specific way.

But if you optimize it and put a bunch of useful widgets on it, you can skip unlocking your phone constantly and that way preserve your phone. You can put the necessary widgets like the weather forecast or a news feed on it and that way just check it quickly with a glance, not really having to unlock your phone and going to the app directly to see the desired information.

A Few Simple Tips You can do by Yourself to Optimize Your Android Phone

Lessen the Number of Notifications

The notification system that the Android phone offers really comes in handy. It provides you with all that you need really fast and with useful info. But it can really get crowded and annoying if the notifications start piling up and your screen gets congested.

Take control of your notification bar and customize it per your liking. Turn of the notifications for some things that you don’t really have to see and just leave the essential ones. It will make your phone function much faster that way and make your use of it easier.

E-Mail Notification Management

The same thing as with notifications goes for your mail. It would be far easier if you could only get to be notified about the messages that you really need. Well, there is a way to do that and filter out the unnecessary clutter that you might end up deleting either way.

If you have a Gmail account, you can do exactly that. The options allow you to turn off the unnecessary messages that you don’t need. The messages will still arrive in your inbox, but your mobile phone screen won’t get lit up every time it arrives. But in turn, your regular mail which is important to you will be displayed as before.

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