How to Develop and Design Websites for Enhanced SEO Performance

There are millions of functioning websites on the web and they are representing many organizations. However, only a small numbers of them could produce sizable, constant traffic. Traffic is often related to traffic and it is necessary for us to improve the traffic potential of our website. This will ensure our success as an online marketer. There are some design and development rules that we need to follow, if we want to properly develop a website. An important rule is that we should use powerful content that encourage people to come. Content is king and it is a common fact.

With well-written content, we should be able to persuade people to read our content. This will give our website a good chance to compete with many others in the Internet. Our website should be properly indexed and free traffic could start to arrive before we even start the actual SEO campaign. Search engines are still the primary source of traffic, although huge of traffic can arrive from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, if we have strong presence in these social networking platforms. In this case, we should deserve a higher ranking. Here are things we should to enhance our SEO performance:

Create uniform page layouts: Uniform page layout should provide us with multiple benefits. Visitors shouldn’t be surprised with sudden changes in page layout. Everything should be predictable. The main page and the most obscure webpage in the website should still have identical overall design layout. By creating uniform page layout, it will make it much easier to maintain and update the website.

Use CSS properly: CSS isn’t only essential for easy webpage development to change various design and layout elements. With CSS, we should be able to guarantee that the whole website have the same look and layout. With CSS code, the appearance of the whole website can be altered by making a single change. When using CSS, we should make sure that the webpage will load faster and content can be crawled more easily by search engine bots.

Validate the HTML code: If we want our HTML codes to be crawled properly, we need to validate them. Search engine bots are highly efficient and straightforward. They will check only HTML codes. They ignore fancy colors, impressive images and other great design elements. All they want to see is text and codes. It will be quite easy for bots to index text, but codes should also be easy to read. Our code should be compliant with general rules, including Our codes should also be compatible with Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. They should also be usable in various mobile devices platforms, including the latest Android and iOS versions.

Use meta tags effectively: We could write meta tages for descriptions and keywords. It is commonly known that meta tags have minimal or even non-existent role in determining ranks in search engines. However, meta tags still allow us to inform bots about the main topics and of our website. We should pay close attention to this part of our website. It is not a prudent thing to leave the meta tags empty, because they are considered obsolete parts of SEO.

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