Typography: The ‘First Look’ of your brand

Typography: The 'First Look' of your brand

A shopper sees a particular product and immediately links it with the brand name. This is the emotional bonding of that person associated with the brand that makes him feel some sort of connection with the brand.

The personification of any brand may involve other factors but how it represents itself in front of the audience in a comprehensive manner is a responsibility of the workforce leading it.

The textual content that appears on the websites and social platforms convey a deeper understanding of the brand. Initially, it creates an impact on the audience in the form of the ‘first look’ of the brand. Now, it clearly matters what a brand is offering to their customers but the role of ‘typography’ is equally essential to develop the interest of the readers in that particular content. In simple words, typography is what the readers perceive as the first look of the brand.

What is Typography?

Sometimes a reader develops some sort of emotional connection with a piece of writing. It could be poetry or an autobiography, a book or even a simple story. It doesn’t matter what’s written inside but what matters is how it’s written from the start to the beginning.

Typography is more than just a set of arranged words, it’s an art to present the content in a manner that connects the audience and motivates them to read further.

The reason why brands use different font styles for typography is clearly to form a brand Image in the eye of the readers. The eye-catchy font styles deliver necessary expressions related to the brand and later become its identification for their users.

Elements of Good Typography

1. Emotional bonding

Many famous brands use their own font style so that the customer may feel an emotional bonding towards them. Brands like Mercedes and Volkswagen have their own styles that appeal to a large number of audiences.

2. Hierarchy

It highlights all the important features of the brand and establishes order in the minds of the readers For instance. A brand may highlight its name in bold or italic words to build a better brand image.

3. Consistency and Alignment

A user might not feel any connection if there is no consistency at all. Good typography should align with the brands’ values and goals and guide them with a better understanding of the product and the brand.


Typography is the foundation of the brand image since it develops an impression in the minds of the customers from the very start.

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