8 Smart Home Alarm Systems That Promote Sustainability

A smart home alarm system could be the most practical solution to every homeowner’s concerns. Need top-notch protection for your property from intruders? Want the most convenient approach to home management? Looking for ways to go eco-friendly and to lower your bills? Embracing home automation is one of the great strategies you can do for a sustainable and secure home.

Such systems can be the smartest investment that a homeowner could make, especially when you consider the benefits of home automation. According to this infographic, home automation systems can give you savings from home insurance and lower utility bills that can total $1,352 per year. It is no wonder then, that 1.8 million systems were installed in 2013 and this figure is seen to grow to 12 million by 2016.

Convincing, right? But before you shell out money, take time to review home automation systems that will best suit your needs. Take note that you may have to install add-ons for a full coverage of your home. Here are 8 smart home alarm systems that not only secure your home, but also promote sustainability and reduce energy use.


8 Smart Home Alarm Systems That Promote Sustainability

A big name when it comes to energy management and home automation, Vivint delivers top performance for homeowners who want to start a sustainable lifestyle at home. You can even have solar panels installed if you want to take sustainability to a higher level. Vivint comes in a fully wireless system that can control your lights, thermostat, and appliances such as the coffee maker.

You can keep these in check using your mobile devices so you are rest assured anytime, anywhere. Vivint packages that include basic equipment and monitoring services range from $53.99 to $69.99 per month.

Honeywell Lynx L7000

8 Smart Home Alarm Systems That Promote Sustainability

Honeywell, one of the leading names in the home security system industry, merged with Ademco and has been creating a wide selection of alarm systems. One of Honeywell’s solutions to achieve a sustainable home is the Lynx L7000.

The Lynx Touch L7000 is the latest in Honeywell’s Lynx series. Among its upgrades from the previous models include a wider, 7-inch touchscreen, 4-camera live video display, and 80-zone support.

For a sustainable home, this home system comes with Z-Wave capabilities so you can efficiently control your lights, shades, electric fans, and thermostat. You can also set scenes and schedules so that the home automation system will adapt to your routine.

Honeywell Lynx L7000 kits range from $264.95 to $400.45.

Honeywell Total Connect

Staying on top of your home automation system even when you are on the go is a great thing to have. This is where Honeywell Total Connect comes in. By pairing your mobile devices with your Honeywell alarm system, you will be able to remotely control your home anywhere you are.

With just a few taps and clicks on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn on and off your lights, regulate your thermostat, and ensure that your entry ways are locked at all times. You will also get to receive real-time notifications so you can keep tabs of your home.

Honeywell is available on Alarm System Store website. The Honeywell Total Connect Monitoring Service is an add-on that you can avail at an annual price of $95.40.

RainMachine Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

8 Smart Home Alarm Systems That Promote Sustainability

Got a green thumb and an amazing selection of plants in your backyard? This home automation system, also known as “The Forecast Sprinkler,” can give you a heads up on the best days to water your house garden depending on the weather conditions.

This nifty addition is WaterSense, which is certified under the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. You can also get rebates up to 100 percent, so contact your local municipality. You can buy this online for $259.


8 Smart Home Alarm Systems That Promote Sustainability

Be in control of your home — from your lights and appliances to locks and thermostats — with ADT’s home automation system. Arm your home even while you’re not home using your smartphone, and customize the modes so you can conserve energy with utmost convenience.

And if you install their ADT Pulse app, you will be able to control your home automation system using your voice. ADT’s home automation package is at $53.99 a month.

SmartThings Know and Control Your Home Kit

If you have been on the lookout for the most affordable home security and automation system, the SmartThings may be the perfect fit for you. Just like the other smart home alarm systems on this list, the SmartThings automation system allows you to remotely control your home using your smartphone. It can also detect leaks and dangerous levels of smoke and carbon monoxide so you and your family can stay safe.

However, what sets the SmartThings system apart is its low cost — you won’t have to sign contracts, pay monthly dues, and get professional installers for this DIY solution. You can get the starter kit online for as low as $199.

GE Simon XT Wireless Alarm System

8 Smart Home Alarm Systems That Promote Sustainability

Achieve the convenience of wireless alarm systems with this home automation product that you can also pair with your mobile devices. Switch on or off your lights, lock or unlock your doors, adjust your thermostat when no one’s home, and do so much more.

For a wireless home automation system, prepare around $400 — $300 for the system and another $100 if you want the wireless service so you can hook it up on your smartphone.

DSC PowerSeries NEO

If you are undecided between wired and wireless security alarm systems, then consider the DSC PowerSeries NEO, the newest in DSC’s selection. The PowerSeries NEO combines the benefits of the two systems in one hybrid package so you get the reliability of wired systems with wireless convenience.

Its energy-saving feature comes in its PowerG Technology and Adaptive Transmission Power. The PowerG Technology ensures a fast, seamless, and efficient wireless connection between the components. Meanwhile, the Adaptive Transmission Power extends the batteries for up to 8 years by adjusting the system to energy-efficient levels.

The system also reduces false alarms with alarm verification features like visual verification, two-way audio system, and sequential verification.

You can get a DSC PowerSeries NEO kit for as low as $248.35.

With the plethora of smart home alarm systems in the market today,  and saving dollars while you’re at it is made a whole lot easier. Again, read up on your options before you go ahead and make a decision. Home automation is a great investment that you should make the most of.

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