Advancements in Mobile Phone

app_forsideCommunication is a vital part of our everyday life. For businesses, it is very crucial to have a phone system that can keep the business owners and employees closely coordinated. For families, mobile phones are necessary to get updates whenever they are far from each other. Decades ago, the only way to communicate with people from distant places is through a snail mail or telegram. Today, there are mobile phones that are more advance and sophisticated. In particular, there are now smartphones that have better features and offer greater functionality.

The last years have witnessed the rapid developments in mobile phones. Below are some of the mobile phone advancements that make life more convenient:


  • Make and receive calls anytime and anywhere. With the traditional telephone, people can’t instantly make a call whenever they need. For business people, they have to go to the office or find a payphone before they can call. For families, they have to go home or look for a phone wherever they are just to reach a loved one. Today, with smartphones as the newest mobile phones, time and location are not a limitation anymore. As long as you are subscribed to a prepaid or postpaid plan, you can always make calls even if you are on travel, inside or outside the office, on a vacation, or anywhere else. Nowadays, these phones are also used by businesses to enjoy phone services from providers such as RingCentral.


  • Download and play games. With smartphones becoming very handy, entertainment in effect also becomes handy. As long as there is a high speed Internet connection around, you can always download game apps and play them right away. Some of the most popular video games today are Angry Birds, Temple Run 2, and Text Twist. With this capability of smartphones, users can always have a way to kill time whenever they are waiting for someone or just want to get rid of the stresses from work.


  • Watch movies anytime. Before, people have to buy tickets just to watch a movie. Today, what you just need is a smartphone that allows you to download your favorite movies. There are apps that you can install in your phone to be able to download a movie. You just have to consider a phone with a fast processor so that you won’t get irritated by the slow download. Another best thing about smartphones is the bigger memory space. Many of the versions today, such as the Blackberry z10, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3, have card slots for a microSD making it possible to expand the memory to up to 64 GB.


  • Pay bills through online wallet. One of the most recent advancements in mobile phones is the capability to use it as your wallet. Also known as e-wallet, online wallets are now used by businesses as another mode of payment for their products or services. Users just have to download an app developed by the businesses for them to use their smartphones as a way to pay for their bills. E-wallets are now also used by customers to compile coupons and discount cards which they can use whenever they are shopping or eating on fast food chains or restaurants.


These are some of the numerous advancements in mobile phone. Very clearly, these advancements have made life much simpler and very convenient.

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