Factors To Consider When Choosing A Free Teleconferencing Service

One of the indispensable tools for businesses today is free conferencing service. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies nowadays are offering teleconferencing service, but as a business owner you should first educate yourself about the features and restrictions that free teleconferencing offers.


A lot of people are aware about teleconferencing services, but only a few of them know that this type of service can be availed at no charge. The provider does not charge for line usage nor send invoice to the users of teleconferencing. Aside from that, you can hold a teleconference at any given time through the use of toll dial in service. If you are going to search online, you will find various providers offering free teleconferencing service.

When choosing a free teleconferencing service provider, you should consider the following:


This is the very first thing you need to consider when choosing a free teleconferencing service. You have to make sure that the provider can deliver the line capacity for your teleconferencing needs. There are some providers that restrict the number of lines at a single conference session. During peak business season, the number of line is very limited. If you need more lines, then you should conduct the teleconferencing during regular business hours.

Customer support

The customer support is very important, especially during the actual conference call. When it comes to free teleconferencing, you have to be aware that operator assistance entails an additional fee.  Some free teleconferencing providers offer assistance, but is very limited. If you want operator assistance, then you have to check it with your teleconferencing provider beforehand to avoid any potential problems.


Free teleconferencing solutions offer limited time duration. Most free teleconferencing providers have two hours maximum conferencing time while there are also other companies offering up to 5 hours teleconferencing duration. Most companies hold their conference for more than an hour. Hence, free teleconferencing duration is not a major problem.

Check out other relevant features

Aside from the three aforementioned features, you should as well check other add on features such as the recording option, after call attendance, and the like. Some of the important details an after call list have are the contact details of the attendees, entry and exit time, and so on. The recording feature is also another important aspect. Some providers charge for the recording, but mostly it is a onetime flat fee.


Free teleconferencing offers a lot of advantages not only for small businesses, but as well as for bigger business that wants to closely monitor their day to day expenditures. However, free teleconferencing service is very limited and if you are running a multinational company, then it would be a wise decision to take advantage of paid teleconferencing service. With smaller businesses, free teleconferencing remains to be a valuable communication tool. Through free teleconferencing, one can communicate unlimitedly anywhere and anytime.  It is true that free based conference is not as feature rich as paid teleconferencing, but is certainly worth considering. Small businesses from all across the world are using free teleconferencing and they are highly satisfied with the results. As a matter of, even internet telemarketers take advantage of free teleconferencing as it allows them to reach not only their business partners and employees, but as well as directly communicate with their clients.

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