Autochat | An Automatic Web Chat and a Free Whatsapp Button for WordPress

The CMS Open Source WordPress has not stopped growing in recent years and 5.6% of 2010 has gone to +30% in 2019, without giving up his job once. No wonder, then, that PHP is the most popular server language to the extent of occupying 83.1% of all websites of the world.

This platform is constantly updated and growing. In addition to being the most used content manager, it has the giant development community, which develops updates and provides new features that you can easily add to your website with no need to know programming.


Today, it is not enough to have the classic a contact form in your Website, because there are tools to connect directly with your customers and give them a quick response. Through whatsapp for example, or Chat Bots that encourage the client to write and leave your data and query.

A Chatbot is a robot that simulates a conversation with a person and they are increasingly present in messaging companies such as Faceboook, Whatsapp or Telegram and on websites.

The chatbots send through various means (such as email, telephone or CRM software) the queries that were made, along with the copy of the entire conversation. This allows human agents to concentrate their efforts on leads that have already been rated or are promising. Chatbots also increase employee productivity.

Chatbots also generate benefits for their customers because they improve the experience on their website, they provide greater ease and fluidity to communicate with you but above all they generate immediacy when responding to customer queries.


Last week Autochat Addons, a Lead Generator Software Company, presents two new Addons for WordPress. A pair of Plugins that allows you to increase the leads of your website:

Autochat – Whatsapp Chat Contact Button to send Whatsapp Messages through your Website.


Autochat Automatic Conversation to encourage your customers to write you through your Website.

Leads interested in your products or services will arrive through the Whatsapp number you provide or the email you indicate in the plugins.

It is difficult to estimate how many extra leads are you getting, because it depends on the items of your business and how much traffic you have. But as a reference, a website that has approximately 80 visits per day can double your leads.

The most interesting attributes of this pair of plugins are that:

– Work 24×7
– Mobile Adaptative
– Friendly Installation
– Customizable for any language

And most important, the increases Leads! These plugins automatically marks an unread message after a few seconds to the visitor, so is encouraged to check the message and respond.

If you are trying to receive more leads and do not have these tools to facilitate contact with your customers, we recommend you try this ones for Free!

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