Administrative Blogging

Administrators already have plenty to do. They often get to school before dawn and leave after dark. They help teachers and professors work through their difficulties in the classroom. Grade school administrators get to work with the problem kids and college administrators get to face the media. When they go home at night, administrators who are in online degree programs attend virtual lectures and study before calling it quits for the day. You might think the last thing an administrator would want is more work to do, but many administrators are turning to blogging to boost their brands.

One of the beautiful parts about blogging is that it’s your creation. You can blog about whatever you want and promote whichever hobby or idea is fascinating to you. As an administrator, you might choose to blog about local news around school or the community. Grade school principals and college administrators might discuss school assemblies, sports news, fundraising drives, partnerships with community organizations and student volunteer efforts.

Another potential purpose of your blog is to use it as a platform for networking. The goal might be to increase readership in hopes that finding a job will be easier once you’ve finished your own online learning and you’re looking for employment. Along with blogging about your progress in school and your other achievements, be sure to link your blog to your accounts at professional networking sites, such as Linkedin. Use your blog’s focus as a guide to develop your content and blog design.

Blog Design

Your blog design is a surprisingly important factor in retaining readers. Readers will leave your blog without even reading your content if your design is unattractive or the design makes reading a strain on the eyes. The color scheme can make or break your blog, according to Noobpreneur. A quick review of the warm and cool colors can be worth the effort. Blue, purple and green are cool colors; red, yellow and orange are warm. A blue blog is calming and inviting. An orange or red one needs to be exciting. Choose a few tones that go well together and make your readers feel exactly how you want them to feel about your blog. The exact shade is important, too.

Additional Tips for Blogging

You want your readers coming back to your blog, so here are a few more tips for starting and maintaining a blog.

• Enter the Blogosphere. Register your blog with the major blog search engines, such as Technorati, so that potential readers who are interested in your subjects will find your blog in a search.
• Write high-quality content. Keep it interesting and informative. Link some of your blog posts together as storylines so that readers want to return and see how things are developing. Update your blog regularly.
• Make your blog interactive. Encourage readers to leave comments, and then read and respond to each one. This will not only convert these visitors to regular readers, but will also show all of your readers that you follow through on your projects. That’s a good reputation to have when you’re looking for a job.

Blogging is a potentially effective approach to boosting your brand. If you’re an administrator, campus and community events are naturally good fits for your blog. Another approach is to use your blog for networking to improve your job outlook after you’re done with school. Whichever route you choose, make sure that your content is interesting and current, and that your blog is engaging and attractive enough to draw readers back.

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