How To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Succeed

How To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Succeed

Whether you’re operating a small or large business, it’s important to keep a solid grip on your digital marketing strategy and optimize it for success. Due to the advancement of digital marketing over the past decade, customers are known to be harassed with information that distracts them from their buying decisions.

Instead, you should try to simplify your digital marketing strategy and get rid of complex ads and copy in your marketing efforts. To put in simpler terms, only present information that your consumers need, rather than bombarding them with things you think they do. Here are a few ways you can work on simplifying your digital marketing strategies and succeed in doing so.

Social Media Content

According to recent studies, some of the most successful social media accounts use simple, easy-to-read content directed toward their target audience. For your audience, reading through dozens of tweets and live-streamed video content can turn into a full-time job.

Instead, try to focus on what your content is, rather than duplicating as many times as you can. Only use words in tweets or messages that are important and necessary to say. You should also focus on simplifying your content by taking out words that mean less and replace them with stronger ones that will help get your message across better.

Facebook Ads

The whole purpose of Facebook Ad is to pique your audience’s interest and get them to click on the ad, which sends the information, such as a link to your site or form for them to fill out. However, many modern types of digital marketing tend to distract audiences and leaves them without fully understanding the message.

Remember, you only have about four seconds to grab your target audience’s attention with a digital ad. If you have too many distractions in the ad, it simply won’t pan out. This is why instead of trying to fill the ad with distractions, it’s important to work on simplifying it so your target audience can understand the ad better and get right to the point.

To do this, you should include a headline, vibrant art, sub-headline, a call to action, and about 10 words of copy. By following these rules of simplifying your Facebook ads, you can deliver the message to your audience better without confusing them.

Email Marketing

According to a HubSpot survey, prospective clients open fewer than 24 percent of sales emails. Essentially, this means that three of the last four emails you’ve worked on and sent out to buyers were likely not worth the effort. To increase the number of clients reading your emails, keep it simple.

Think about the last great email campaign that you read or worked on. It probably wasn’t the 4,000 word, long-winded and, at times, confusing email that only revealed its purpose in the last paragraph. It was likely the short email that got straight to the point (or offered a discount code).

A successful email campaign should focus on a single goal and a single audience. This sort of focused copy will allow you to maintain your readers’ attention until the call to action. The next time you are crafting a marketing email, make sure you have a goal in mind. Are you welcoming a customer to your company? Reminding them of an abandoned cart? Informing them about a new product?

Every part of the email should help you accomplish your goal. By addressing the goal right away, you can engage the reader quickly and exhibit your value. Even if your emails are sent to millions of people, the copy should speak directly to the individual, not the crowd.

In addition to simple copy, you can also simplify the email marketing process by using automation tools. These tools make it easier to learn about your customers and craft more personalized, effective campaigns.

Website Design

Your website is another important part of your digital marketing strategy. These days, website design trends like large images, short copy, and flat icons are all the rage. Sites are prioritizing simplicity so they can adapt better to the fluid digital landscape of email, video, social media, online ads, and a range of devices.

At its core, your website and its design are communication tools. The site should convey your message simply and succinctly. The design should not distract from the message or prevent you from connecting with the audience.

A responsive design makes it easy for your brand to make an impact on audiences across the web on all channels. This is why you should include simple design elements on your website. They make it simple to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns and adapt the information for social media, video, print, and more.

It’s important that your business works to simplify your digital marketing strategy in order to succeed in your industry. By simplifying web design, email marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, and social media content, you can connect with your audience better and make your message clearer.

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