Simple Tips For Making The Gym More Enjoyable

Starting in the gym is hard. The limbic friction that makes us not want to show up to the gym and stay lazy on our couches is what stops us from reaching our fitness goals. It is normal to simply not enjoy the gym. A lot of people who attend the gym do not go for pleasure, but instead to improve their mental and physical health, as well as trying to achieve a certain look.

Making the gym more enjoyable can be easily achieved. If you have been showing up and hating your workouts, you likely need some change. It can be boring and time-consuming trying to get through a tiresome workout with no motivation, so take a look at the following tips so you can begin making your gym experience much more enjoyable:


Set your goals 


If you are someone who has been on their gym journey for years in the making, it might feel like a while ago since you established a goal. Everyone begins their gym journey with a goal in mind, and it might be time to think back and revisit this strategy of setting targets to achieve. Even if it is something as simple as setting a new weightlifting PB, or achieving weight loss you should start recording your goals, note down where you are currently at and when you reach the goal tick that one off your list and begin a new one. This is an interactive and satisfying way of reaching new heights and exceeding your expectations. If you still have the same goals as you did 10 years ago and you feel as though it is a lost cause, stop this negative self-talk right now. All it takes is the right level of determination and input. Start small, and slowly hit small targets which will get you closer and closer to an ultimate, long-term goal.


Buddy up with friends

There is nothing like support from the people you love most to get your gym experience to the level it should be. Attending the gym with a good friend is a great way to add some satisfaction to your gym experience. It is a great way to have someone to answer to and to have a motivator to get that one extra rep in. The smallest of improvements can have the biggest impacts in the long term, so even if you are going with a friend and making it competitive you are still getting the advantage of pushing yourself that little bit harder each gym session. Of course, it can be hard having the same schedule as those closest to you, but even attending the gym with them once a week could be a good start.


Level up your gym wardrobe 


Have you been wearing the same fitness clothes for the last few years? It might be time to upgrade your workout gear and have a wardrobe revamp. Wearing the right clothing for the type of training you are doing is one great way to improve your working out experience. Having breathable, and resistant gym clothing is key, and if you have been wearing the same pair of seamless leggings for a few years, it might be worth upgrading them to something more current. Not only is a gym wear upgrade important for performance, but it might also help with your motivation and give you that extra reason to show up to the gym looking and performing your best.


Energise and replenish 


If you have especially been struggling to have the right amount of energy to have a good workout, one of the main things to consider changing is your diet. You need to be honest with yourself and determine what you are putting into your body before and after a workout. Perhaps you have a large meal before you work out to fuel your body, however, that meal consists of barely any nutrients that will benefit your energy or health. Eating nutrient-rich foods that will replenish your card store and not make your blood sugar store too high is key. There should be at least 2 hours before a full meal before you start a workout, and also it is recommended to eat a form of protein within an hour after your workout. 


Have a motivational playlist 


If you are the type of person who cannot work out without the perfect gym playlist to keep you going, then this one might be for you. Having a great song to keep you pushing to your limits is great, but what isn’t great is when the song switches to the heartbreak songs that start to demotivate you and take time away from the workout to find the best song. A valuable way you can improve your workout quality and maximise your time is to have the perfect playlist ready before you get to the gym. Not only will a motivational playlist get you pushing harder, but it will save time from stopping your workout to skip songs!


Try a new activity

Another thing that you can do to make the gym more enjoyable is to try a new activity. When you’re doing the same exercises or activities every week, then it can get really repetitive and become more of a chore than something fun. That’s why mixing things up every now and again is a great way to keep yourself motivated. If you’re currently lifting weights a few times a week, swap out one session for a fun fitness class. Instead of running on your own all the time, why not join a running club for some company? Maybe take out one intense fitness session and instead have a good stretch to help with your recovery, so that overall your sessions are more enjoyable. 




Giving yourself that extra shift of motivation when you are trying to reach your fitness goals can be helpful if you are lacking drive and passion. Our health and fitness can be a hobby, but seeing it as a task is normal and to be expected for some. Instead, making small marginal changes and additions to your working out routine can be the difference between pushing through hard times and giving up when things get tough. Make sure that you are fueling your body before and after sessions, going with a friend to change up the routine, and even creating the ultimate motivational playlist to keep you pumping through your session. However, if you decide to make your workouts that much more enjoyable, make sure you do something and don’t let the overpowering feeling of laziness take over.