Acer Aspire One 722-BZ480

The Acer Aspire One 722-BZ480 is a very simple netbook. It is extravagant in its own ways. For one, it is one of the cheapest on the market. Despite the price, the device has a lot of decent hardware in its arsenal. For one, its processor is the AMD dual-core C-50. The processing power is laughable if we are talking about netbooks in the $600 range. However, this one is already a feat consider that the netbook costs only $330.


With an 11.6-inch screen, the Aspire One 722-BZ480 is definitely lightweight at 2.95 pounds. The average weight for netbooks that reach the 11-inch mark is 3-3.5 pounds.As with all 11-inch laptops, 720p video is now playable thanks to the 1366×768 resolution. Best of all, it has an HDMI port. You can easily view any content you want on your HDTV. The sad part is that there is no optical drive to retrieve data from. The only way you can obtain video is by streaming or downloading from the web. Thankfully, the Aspire One 722-BZ480 has a 320GB hard drive inside. This is another advantage as the average disk size of cheap netbooks is 250GB.


While the keyboard is full-sized, flexing is observable during typing. There is no sensitivity problem with the touchpad. The downside, however, are the stiff mouse buttons.


One downside of buying this netbook is that it comes with tons of bloatware. This refers to software that is not essential and is easily obtained. Examples of software you will encounter are Skype and New York Times Reader.


Performance-wise, the dual-core processor and 2GB ram do wonders for such a cheap device. The graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 6250M. It performs better than notebooks with Atom processors but is still not enough to play 3D games properly. This notebook is probably best apt for playing videos rather than games.


The AMD Radeon HD 6250M comes with a 40Wh battery that can last more than 7 hours. Any device that reaches the 7 hour mark is already outstanding. Considering that it has an 11-inch display, 7 hours is already a long battery life.


The best feature of the Aspire One 722-BZ480 is unarguably its cheap price. There are very few 11-inch netbooks at this price range. Its lightweight build also suggests that the manufacturers designed it well. Likewise, the manufacturers did a splendid job of not neglecting the battery of the device. It is clearly a very well-rounded and portable netbook.






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