HP Pavilion p7-1167cb

Mainstream desktops are very hard to build. Manufacturers need to take into account lots of things in order to make it successful. The important things are decent processing power, good display, good connectivity and sufficient amount of ports. The HP Pavilion p7-1167cb valued at $900 is a desktop that manages to meet all these expectations. It is consistently being awarded as the Editor’s Choice in various sites for good reason.


The Pavilion line of tower desktops cannot stray from the standard black aluminum chassis it is fond of. There is an LED found on the top of the face panel that glows a different color depending on the system status. It is normally blue when the system is powered up and orange when in standby mode. The Pavilion p7-1167cb also has the same sliding door in the front panel similar to every other Pavilion desktop. Behind it are some audio jacks and USB ports.


One desktop that it resembles is the Pavilion p7-1126s. There are some key differences though. There is only one DVI output on the Pavilion p7-1167cb. It also has no USB 3.0 ports whereas the former has two on the back area. It also has the same problem as the former being there is no HDMI port. Although you can enjoy watching videos on the wonderful 25-inch screen, there are some people that would prefer viewing videos on their HDTV that is usually bigger in size.


One good thing about the 25-inch monitor is that it is bright for an LCD screen. Usually, people buy LED screens if they want quality and brightness. This one does brilliantly though. The monitor does have an HDMI input port but, as mentioned earlier, the system does not have an output for it. You can still connect the monitor via VGA or DVI. The monitor also does not come with integrated speakers. Thankfully, external speakers are bundled with the package.


This system has a downside internally though. It has only two DIMM slots. Although it already has 8GB preinstalled, you are limited to that. Some systems have three or four slots which gives a maximum of 16GB if needed. As with most Pavilion towers, there are two extra SATA ports available for use. People who require intense amounts of space or who would like a Blu-ray player can make use of these.  The core i5 inside will assure anybody that processing power is optimal.


The hard-drive installed is already a superior one as it runs on 7200RPM and has a capacity of 1TB. Needless to say, 1TB is not sufficient for people who download from the internet frequently. The good thing about the system is that this 1TB is not cluttered with bloatware.


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