5 Reasons Why You Cannot Become A Professional Animator

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Become A Professional Animator

You must have been daydreaming for years to become an animator and to create movies and videos like you have been watching since you were a kid. You have a room full of toys and desktop full of movies, you have that sheer determination to do something great. Yet you cannot become one, why?

It may fall upon you like a harsh truth but you need to face the reality that with such an attitude towards work you cannot become the one you always dreamt of. So, what exactly is wrong with you? Let’s find out in this guide below:

You Have the Will But You Lack the Aim

You may have a fair sheer of determination to work, but you lack aim and purpose in your life. You know what you have to do but you do not know where you have to reach in search of your dreams. For instance, the animation is not only about making CGI movies like Toy Story or Lion King. Animation is so much more than this. To become an animator or to join the leading animated video companies, you first have to act like one. You have to embrace the industry and learn about its ins and outs that can lead you to a better path. You have to work enthusiastically and learn more and more about it. Once you know the categories and aspects involved in the industry, the stakes and requirements and all the other details, then only you can work through.

Lack of Determination to Improve Your Mistakes

Even if you spend a decade animating, you cannot claim yourself to be all-knowing. There is always a room left for you to learn and practice. You cannot become a jack of all trades and animation has a lot to discover. Especially, when the industry is moving forward introducing many new trends and innovative ideas how come you claim to be perfect at everything? You need to know where you lack and pay attention to improving it. If you carry the I’m-so-perfect attitude you are not going to get any far. So, it’s high time you see where you are lacking and gather yourself up for a great battle to fight against your competitors.

Your Social Circle Creates an Impact

Your social circle has an impact on your skills and capabilities. Your friends and the people who surround you either fill you up with positivity, guiding you about the mistakes you can make or distracts you completely. So, choose your circle wisely. You must keep yourself in the company of those who can guide you can help you get started with your career efficiently.

Procrastination Paralyzes You

Many writers claim to have creative block issues while animators say they get distracted because of their habit of procrastinating. Well, for a professional animator or writer, all of these are some sort of lame excuses that a person creates in order to cover for his mistakes. You must avoid doing that. Your habit of procrastinating or the fear of getting caught up with creative block can all run off the window if you feel the pressure of your work. When you actually realize how crucial the task is when you are doing it, you will feel more connected to it and never get distracted even by a cyclone (exaggerating my point a bit).

Lack of Resources

Animation is not a piece of cake that you just can eat it like that. You have to strive and struggle to produce something worth gaining an appreciation for. You have to dip yourself in the game and win through it using high tech resources. You have to gather tools and software that can provide you with professional finishing.

You just cannot rely on a single source to create an amazing animation. You have to take a step towards practicing greatness by using sources that can help you perform better. Animation tools like curve maker or line making software all server a role in creating an expert finishing. Every great artist uses them and recommends to have them. You have to go for making a little investment in this department before you make your efforts go down the drain.

Wrap Up

Ponder on the aspects mentioned above and work on improving your mistakes if you sincerely want to achieve bigger goals in your professional life. After all, there is always room for betterment.

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