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Dream of Every Pakistani Gamer Comes True As Arsalan Ash Wins Tekken 7 Championship At EVO Japan 2019


After a stunning exhibition, blowing some people’s minds towards Pakistan Arslan_Ash wins the EVO Japan 2019 Tekken 7 title. Astonished by this youthful player’s execution, the Tekken people group is completely gob-smacked.

“We have been told commonly that Tekken beasts lie hidden in West and South Asia, and Arslan competition offers weight to those words” – wrote Unifiltellken, valuing Arslan’s endeavors.

Bringing down player after player, Arslan battled his way up to the Grand last, verifying the title of Pakistan. To verify the best spot, Arslan needed to crush some perceived names in the network like CherrBerryMango, JimmyjayTran, Book, Lowhigh, Chanel, Chikurin and Knee.

The Tekken people group commended the effort of this rising star and said that they had heard that the genuine victors live in South and West Asia however at this point they have observed it. They likewise said that there are presumably many increasingly capable people like Arslan, who have the ability yet can’t venture out to these real competitions.

“How many of them are this good” – is the question being asked now.

The community likewise indicates trust that with Tekken World Tour 2019, a greater amount of the capable Tekken players from this district can be found and gave a stage to. PBE|AK figured out how to complete in the second spot. He figured out how to have an undefeatable kept running in the qualifiers the whole distance till he achieved best 8, crushing realized players like Kagemaru from Japan and Ulfan from Korea.

Indeed, even in the best 8, PBE|AK excluded USA’s JimmyJayTran 2-1 following an inconceivable battle. From that point onward, he even figured out how to grip out a triumph over Korea’s CherryBerryMango, at long last placing him in the terrific finale against Pakistan’s Arslan.

Global Tekken community was in shock to see a new Tekken Lord releasing and that too from Pakistan.


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