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Around the World on an Electric Car

Around the World on an Electric Car

Wiebe Wakke (a Dutchman) completed 95,000 km tour across 33 countries in his Retrofitted electric car “The Blue Bandit.” So far, its Wakke’s journey is considered the longest of an electric car. This publically funded Trip from the Netherlands to Australia took 3 years. His trip includes countries like Turkey, Iran, India, Myanmar, Malaysia and, Indonesia with challenging environments.

“I wanted to change people’s opinions and inspire people to start driving electric by showing the advantages of sustainable mobility,” Wakke said. “If one man can drive to the other side of the world in an electric car, then EVs (electric vehicles) should definitely be viable for daily use.”

Wakke also explained that his modified car consumed electricity of only US$ 300 as compared to 6,785 Liters of petrol for the same journey. Such campaigns are to inspire people to shift to sustainable energy.


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