A Successful Strategy: Storytelling With Animated Video

A Successful Strategy: Storytelling With Animated Video

Today on the blog we are going to explain how a story can be one of the best strategies to win a client, although it may seem a bit exaggerated: Storytelling with animated videos.

What is storytelling?

We all have in mind what storytelling is, or at least we can make a little intuition: story (story), tell (tell). But today we are going to dig a little deeper. How was storytelling born? Video storytelling arises as a marketing strategy when production begins to exceed demand, that is, when consumers begin to have thousands and thousands of options to choose from. In the past, did you want to buy a soda? Well maybe you could only enjoy Coca Cola. Did you want one without gas and orange flavor? Sorry, Coca Cola. However, now, you have a thousand options at your disposal, there are sodas to bore you, a thousand brands willing to give you what you ask.

Excess supply requires companies to differentiate themselves

Well, in this situation, what did the companies do to capture the customer’s attention among so many offers? How to highlight your product? It was then that marketers realized that, to reach the consumer, to connect with a specific brand, it was necessary to awaken an emotion in them. And that’s how the storytelling friends was born. Through a little story, values were transmitted.

Its benefits

This is how companies begin to use this technique to connect with their potential customers and retain them with their brand. And so we go into its benefits.

User immersion

Through a story, the protagonists are the characters and the viewer, thus creating an emotional bond between them, and putting them before the product itself. The brand becomes more human.


Parallel to the bond that is created between the viewer and the characters in the story, a feeling of trust and empathy towards the brand emerges. This is essential for any company as it favors long-term relationships with potential customers.


When a story awakens an emotion in the viewer, it remains etched in the mind with more intensity. It is more difficult for something emotional to go unnoticed, so it helps the brand to be remembered more easily.

Easy to see

Linked to the above, it is worth mentioning that, through a story, word of mouth is very tentative and powerful. Since when something connects with us, one feels the need to share it with other people. For example, telling a story through a video can make the video go viral. But we’ll talk about this later on ow to use animated videos as a video storytelling strategy.


Animated videos work so well for storytelling because they connect with the user. After connecting, they are able to effectively convey all the benefits of the product or service. Imagine that your company carries out travel insurance. How many times have we gotten sick or had problems on a trip? Well, a travel insurance agency could make a video narrating 2 stories. First, that of a traveler who did not take out travel insurance and had multiple problems that spoiled his trip. Then, tell an alternative ending in which the same traveler contracted the insurance and despite having problems, everyone was covered and he could enjoy his trip as he had planned.

Creating animated videos can help your brand connect with your potential customers. Storytelling with motion graphics or animated video is a tool increasingly used by brands to capture the attention of users. At top Video Animation Company we can help you make attractive videos for your company. Simply contact us and we will give you a free quote. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these 6 benefits of motion graphics videos.

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